Rick Pier O’Neil – Crystallized (Clinique Recordings)

Clinique Recordings welcomes Rick Pier O’Neil back to the label showcasing new interpretations of ‘Crystallized’.

Rick Pier O'Neil - Crystallized

Originally released as part of Rick’s ‘Haiku’ EP from May of this year ‘Crystallized’ quickly shot to the #1 spot in the labels best selling tracks on Beatport, where it remains today. The Russian imprint has now called upon Matter and Wes Straub to update the track for the upcoming winter season. 

Aussie producer Matter has certainly found a home on Clinique Recordings. His debut was the storming remix of Mier’s ‘Transmit’ late last year which was followed by an equally excellent interpretation of ‘Joys of Soul’ by Robert R. Hardy. Matter’s interpretation of ‘Crystallized’ has been much anticipated as it pits his hypnotic grooves with Rick’s crystalline production qualities, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Anchored by a chuggy groove and layers of mesmerizing textures it’s not long before you’re sucked into its sonic vortex. Indistinct vocal samples begin to drift through the framework while swirling bands of white noise gradually build tension. This carries the piece into a hazy, ethereal break, eventually peaking with a rush of drums and bold bass stabs summoning the beats to return. Massive remix from Matter which has already earned a spot in the Release Promo Top 10 at the time of this writing, and looks set to do damage in the Beatport charts next week as well. 

The second and final interpretation of ‘Crystallized’ is provided by Wes Straub who is making his first appearance on Clinique Recordings. The Canadian born, now Mexico based artist is fresh off a release on Kunai Records where he remixed Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s ‘Painkiller’. The track quickly shot to the top of Wes’ Beatport Top 10 best sellers, and he certainly continues that strong momentum here with a great interpretation of ‘Crystallized’. Beginning with some lovely, layered beats and a growling underbelly it doesn’t take long before an intriguing atmosphere develops. A short break welcomes an enchanting pad, eventually summoning the beats and a long gaseous sweep which you can absolutely get lost in. As acidic hooks pan with abandon the energy builds some trancy accents initializing the main break. The interlude comes late in the track and it’s also brief which is really nice, offering one final assault before the finale. Wonderful interpretation from Wes and a great remix pack from Clinique Recordings. Don’t miss it!

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