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We give you world exclusive previews for the return of BABICZSTYLE. Duba is a monster package and features three originals from the man Robert Babicz plus remixes from Guy J, Klartraum and Deetwo! 


ep cover for robert babicz duba babiczstyle featuring guy j Klartraum


First up on the EP is Duba, with the trademark sounds and flair of Robert Babicz immediately apparent. A broken beat entranced in swirling melodies and studded with delicate percussion is replaced with a dub bassline and a solid house groove. The feel good opener definitely draws you in and the driving groove keeps you mesmerised.

Heat and Love follows with ethereal layers of sound set over a driving acid laced bassline. A track that displays contrasts between mechanical bass sounds and wispy soft pads, the addition of the male vocal ties these elements together as soft melodies continue to dance around each other. A solid kick keeps this one rocking along for almost 10 minutes and will no doubt be heard on many dance floors over the coming months.

Dense Moments follows with a summery, chord filled, disco edged number that has a contagious retro edge. The shortest track on the EP at just under 5 minutes, this is a brief but fulfilling trip.

Sharing a stage on many occasions and a studio on a few, Robert Babicz recruited friend Guy J to reinterpret Duba and what a job he does. Standard dance floor material this is not. Guy J completely strips the title track down into a beautiful piece of ambient electronica. The entrancing swirling melodies remain and the trademark Robert Babicz sound is intact but the rest of the track is completely turned inside out. Whilst some may be left craving a dance floor oriented bomb from these two, Guy J shows the depth of his genius with a complete reimagining that is all class.

Dark and brooding, the Klartraum take on Duba delivers a moody introduction with the dance floor clearly in its sights and it is one of the highlights of the EP. There is a story being told here and Klartraum are the storytellers. Melancholy is replaced by euphoria as the cascading sounds erupt and then dissolve again into obscurity.

To close out the EP, Deetwo give us a floaty, groove infused, dub house take that slowly bounces around with emotive key changes and mood shifts. It is a nice way to round things out on this solid EP.

In all, this EP delivers exactly what the Robert Babicz has been synonymous with throughout his life; well written, designed, executed and mastered music of the highest quality. The influences of new and old are omnipresent, there are glimpses of dance floor glory, whilst there are other moments where being lost in the music whilst donning headphones will unlock the true unadulterated bliss.


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