Robert R. Hardy – Love Telemetry EP (Time Capsule)

Time Capsule makes a welcome return this week with a new EP from Robert R. Hardy.

Robert R. Hardy

The East Cafe headed imprint has been quiet since October of last year when ‘Pancuronium’ by Stephen J. Kroos was released. It’s been seven long months but the third release on Time Capsule is finally here and it features two fine productions from Robert R. Hardy alongside remixes from Simos Tagias and East Cafe.

Robert’s certainly one of the busiest producers right now and yet somehow his tracks all come with a remarkable quality. There’s always a smooth flowing, effortless vibe with his productions and his two new ones here are no exception. The lead piece ‘Love Telemetry’ is the more melodic and direct of the pair. Ethereal vocal pads, sweeping motifs and some very distinct drum elements highlight the first act, but it’s the spacey designs which dominate the third act that are most compelling. Robert’s got a way with dreamy soundscapes and this one came together perfectly. The companion piece ‘World Problems’ is deeper and more indistinct with hazy lines and long trailing effects leading the way. The unique beat patterns keep the groove fresh throughout and again Robert’s vocal pads add a wonderful human touch. 

The first interpretation of ‘Love Telemetry’ is provided by Simos Tagias who is making his first appearance on Time Capsule. The Greek producer is fresh off his ‘Anamnisi’ single (in conjunction with Jorgio Kioris) released courtesy of Luke Porter’s Temporum Music and he also has a release on Cid Inc’s Replug Records coming up in the not too distant future. Simos’ productions are some of the grooviest in the underground and he’s proven that once again with a great interpretation of ‘Love Telemetry’. The Greek producer’s drums and warm fluid bass lines have become his hallmark and are on point early in the mix. It’s a subtle rhythmic build all the way to the main break where a more distinct theme begins to take shape. Those piercing tones are haunting and lead the track to an unforgettable conclusion that might be one of Simos’ finest moments.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Love Telemetry’ is provided by East Cafe who is making his first appearance on Time Capsule. The Hungarian producer has had an incredible year so far with his ‘Mondschein’ track (released courtesy of LuPS Records) getting charted and played by Hernan Cattaneo. It’s strange to think that his Time Capsule imprint is three releases old and he’s just making his first appearance now but he’s certainly made his debut a memorable one with two excellent interpretations here. Backed by a warm groove and luminous harmonies it immediately strikes an emotional chord. A smooth build though the first act leads to a stripped down middle section where the groove and melodies breathe for an even more profound poignant effect. And for the less melodically inclined there is also a dub included which comes with the same superb groove and harmonies minus the lead musical elements. Two great remixes from East Cafe and a top notch release from Time Capsule. Don’t miss it.

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