Robert R. Hardy – Tiarra / Isme (Stellar Fountain)

The 165th release on Stellar Fountain Welcomes Robert R. Hardy back to the label for a brand new double a-side release.

Robert R. Hardy

The Hungarian producer has appeared the label six times and an additional four times under his D.M.P. alias. Robert’s two newest studio creations are entitled ‘Tiarra’ and ‘Isme’ which look to be some of his strongest work to date.

It’s been a steady rise through the underground for Robert since he adopted the R. Hardy moniker. Support from Guy J was a highlight last year and his ‘Chicago Sunrise’ remains one of his strongest productions. The lead track here ‘Tiarra’ finds Robert crafting a deep and perhaps slightly more melodic number than we’re used to. The smoothness of the groove and feathered percussion is an absolute joy to listen to and once the musical elements begin to take shape something beautiful happens. It’s a heavenly storyboard full of mystical textures which just lifts the track to the heavens and those airy motifs and phasing vocals are the icing on the cake. Wonderful production from Robert.

The companion piece ‘Isme’ comes across a bit dubbier and more tripped out. Beginning with a chuggy, swing heavy groove along with wavering vocals and a sequence of murky keys, this is easily one of Robert’s strongest rhythmic productions to date. A variety of unique transitions and subtle shifts keep it quite fresh but the groove is so strong it really doesn’t need to nor should it do anything else. Just a great production from Robert that should sound wicked on the dance floor. Excellent EP and a top notch release from Stellar Fountain. Don’t miss it.

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