Robert R. Hardy – Vibrations (Soundteller Records)

Robert R. Hardy returns to Deersky’s Soundteller Records with ‘Vibrations’ alongside remixes from: Cream & Deep Fog, Dr. Avalance and Li-Polymer.

Robert R. Hardy

The Hungarian producer was one of last year’s most pleasant discoveries for many electronic music fans. His deep grooves carry a mystical presence about them and he’s got a knack for crafted dubby hypnotic lines which are perfect for late night play. His latest ‘Vibrations’ looks to carry on from where great productions like ‘Chicago Sunrise’ left off.

I’ve definitely been enjoying the direction of Robert’s productions of late and ‘Vibrations’ is on the money as well. It’s smooth lines are quite mesmerizing and the dubby qualities are completely entrancing. This is basically a dub techno tune masquerading as deep progressive house. The short and concise breakdown is perfect as well, and the added drum effects in the second half deliver just enough sensory stimulation to provide a classy apex. Brilliant work from Robert.

The first interpretation of ‘Vibrations’ is provided by Cream & Deep Fog who are (as a duo) making their second appearance on Soundteller. The Polish pair have been much hyped of late earning support from Max Graham and Chicane. They’re fresh off an amazing interpretation of Marcelo Vasami’s ‘Micro Diamond’ and they’re crafted a gorgeous version of ‘Vibrations’ here. The duos warm electronics are always a pleasure to listen to and the added guitars provide a subtle musicality which is quite lovely. It’s got a unique vibe in that it’s very trancy but it’s conveyed in a deep and understated way so it’s no surprise DJs like Max Graham are lending their support. Great stuff from Cream and Deep Fog.

The second interpretation of ‘Vibrations’ is provided by Dr. Avalance who is making his first appearance on Soundteller Records. Dr. Avalance was shot into the electronic music spotlight in 2011 when he was announced as one of the finalists in Sasha’s Burn Studios remix competition. Born in The Netherlands but now currently based in Spain Simon Gomez aka Dr. Avalance has built on his early success with releases on BQ Recordings, Stripped, Stellar Fountain and Suffused over the last year. Already busy in 2015 Simon has added five brand new singles to his discography on PHW Elements, Massive Harmony Records and others. For his ‘Vibrations’ interpretation Dr. Avalance has explored the groovy textural sound which has been his trademark for years. Robert’s dubby construction has been transformed into a bubbly, melodic slice of heaven. There are many highlights but the well carved groove and atmospheric storyboard stand out for me. Excellent remix from Dr. Avalance.

The third and final interpretation of ‘Vibrations’ is provided by Li-Polymer who is returning to Soundteller for his fourth appearance. The Portuguese producer has long been one of his country’s most exciting progressive house producers. From his early days with System Recordings and Mistique Music to his more recent appearances on 3rd Avenue, Classound and Balkan Connection Li-Polymer’s deep, atmospheric sound is loved by the electronic underground. He was also an integral part in the early days of Soundteller having remixed AMAN’s ‘Cloud Patterns’ which was the labels fifth ever release. For his ‘Vibrations’ interpretation Li-Polymer has gone deep and funky which proves to be a great addition to the previous mixes. An aquatic or submerged style bass line sits at the foundation while a trippy assortment of electronics and esoteric vocal pads dazzle the senses. There’s a really nice flow happening here and it’s funky enough to be really effective on a lot of dance floor, next to Robert’s original it’s my favourite version on the release. Great stuff from Li-Polymer and a top notch offering from Deersky’s Soundteller Records.

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