Roberto Traista – Escape EP (Agara Music)

Canadian imprint Agara Music returns for their 10th overall release this week. Run by Canadian producer / mastering engineer Travis MacDonald Agara has been one of 2013’s most exciting labels. The broad and contemporary A&R vision that Travis has for the label is very refreshing and the labels 10th release proves that once again. Hungarian born but now UK based producer Roberto Traista makes his debut on the label with a 5 track EP entitled ‘Escape’.

The title cut ‘Escape’ sets the tone of the EP with a very powerful groove. A deep set, electric sounding bass line with some serious character and modulation makes a huge impact here. An extremely moody set of rhythmic tones follows and casts an ominous vibe over the track while the metallic hits continue to gnaw away and your brain. What is absolutely incredible here is the mind bending modulation; prepare to be taken on a wonderfully warped journey that you won’t soon forget as waves of mutant electronics completely annihilate your senses.

Another standout from the EP is ‘Lonely Child’ which has an amazing hypnotic quality to it. A colourful set of mesmerizing keys along with some brooding musicality and rough electronic stabs combine for a continually evolving masterpiece that once again showcases some amazing sound design skills.

The third standout from the EP and also its final track ‘Trouble’ is perhaps the most challenging piece of the collection. Based around a wickedly warped hypnotic line along with some gated beats and rough stabs this is not for faint of heart. The grainy percussion adds so much character to the demented beats and warped sensibilities that you just can’t help but want to listen to it over and over again. We have no idea how Agara continues to discover such amazing new talent but they’ve done it here again. Keep your eye on Roberto Traista in the future! Highly Recommended.

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