Rogier & Stage Van H – Jericho (Just Movement)

The 15th release on Just Movement sees label artists Rogier & Stage Van H returning for a new single entitled ‘Jericho’.

Rogier & Stage Van H

The much loved duo have been firm fixtures of the Just Movement roster since the labels inception. Known for their warm, hypnotic grooves and pleasing melodies Rogier and Stage have become much sought after remixers this year, and their original work continues to be top notch. Their latest, entitled ‘Jericho’, looks to be their best yet and includes remixes from Stergios, Tim Robert and K Nass.

In an age of deeper music Rogier and Stage have stuck to their driving guns and it’s served them well. The charged energy of ‘Jericho’ is undeniable with its fat, rolling groove and smooth hypnotic lines. Wispy vocals lift the vibe higher as the main break approaches while jangly hooks begin to shape a lead theme. The cross-cultural motifs emanating from the vocal are strong and one which the instrumentation plays off wonderfully. Following a chilled break the third act sees this harmonic union rising even higher for a thrilling conclusion, one which has fast become a trademark of Rogier and Stage. The duo have also included a ‘Gift To Jericho’ interpretation which presents the remoulded motifs over a slick bed of breakbeats. Definitely a worthy companion and one that will find its place in some seaside sets no doubt.

The first interpretation of ‘Jericho’ is provided by Stergios who is making his sixth appearance on Just Movement. The Greek producer remains an integral part of the Just Movement fold and has also delivered superb productions for Movement Recordings and Aethereal this year. For his ‘Jericho’ interpretation Stergios has transformed the driving original into a deeper and equally gorgeous construction. A spacious groove and chopped up vocal immediately grab your attention and the drifting main theme adds a lovely musicality to the powerful framework. It’s building energy maybe it’s strongest suit however with a laser like focus which provides an exhilarating conclusion. Lovely remix from Stergios.

The second interpretation of ‘Jericho’ is provided by Tim Robert who is making his first appearance on Just Movement. The US producer is fresh off two contributions to the James Gill curated ‘Proximity Effect’ compilation which was released just one month ago. Loved for his timeless take on progressive house Tim seems like an ideal choice to remix such a great musical piece and the results are quite spectacular. The energy emanating from Tim’s productions is undeniable and the groove here is once again bursting with ultra sonic vigour. A smooth rhythmic component, spacey accents and drifting vocal gates carry the track with ease to the main break. Emo chord changes take centre stage here with muted beats and a rhythmic shuffle keeping the groove locked. A smooth but deliberate build brings the kick back in for a very tasteful payoff where the melodies are given adequate space to shine. Classy production from Tim once again which makes for a great Just Movement debut.

The third and final interpretation of ‘Jericho’ is provided by K Nass who is making his first appearance on Just Movement. The Egyptian producer first appeared on the scene with a string of releases for US label System Recordings and their System Odio offshoot in 2013. 2014 proved to be even bigger with originals for LuPS Records and Stellar Fountain along with remix productions for Abstract Space Recordings and PHW Elements. K Nass has certainly not slowed down in 2015 with 13 releases added to his discography already. For his ‘Jericho’ interpretation K Nass has transformed the driving original into a dreamy, atmospheric beauty. Lush textures, warm bass tones and ethereal vocal elements are the order of the day here. A true lost in sound break lifts you further to the heavens before a strong third act seals an epic conclusion. Wonderful remix from K Nass which caps off another huge release on just Movement. Don’t miss it.

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