Sea – Young Lovers Searching Stars (System Recordings)

The latest release on System Recordings finds the label welcoming Sea back for her new single entitled ‘Young Lovers Searching Stars’.

Sea - Young Lovers Searching Stars

The Romanian producer has certainly found a home on the long standing US imprint. She released her first ever production ‘Cosmic Love’ in September of last year and followed that up with ‘Bajo de las Estrellas’ in January of this year. Sea’s latest ‘Young Lovers Searching Stars’ looks to be her finest yet and features a remix from the can’t miss Stas Drive.

Even though only two productions into her career Sea seems to be carving out a very distinctive sound. Her lush grooves come with a wonderful cadence and the emotion emanating from her vocals and music is very strong. As ‘Young Lovers Searching Stars’ begins there is a definite air of mystery; backed by a dark, brooding groove and ominous atmospheres there is a very sombre vibe happening early on. Sea’s vocals then slowly drift into the framework and have a profound spiritual presence. There’s a hopeful emotion that’s created here and the subtle gates add a sleek hypnotic roll which works wonderfully with the rough groove below. A second half of bell motifs and drifting harmonies makes for an enchanting conclusion and the remarkable thing is the dance floor sensibility stays high throughout, much more than you would expect for something so dreamy. Like all her past releases Sea has also included a dub which comes with the same mystery and intrigue of the original minus the vocal elements. A perfect alternative for the less vocally inclined. Another gorgeous production from Sea, looking forward to hearing what’s next from her.

The lone interpretation of ‘Young Lovers Searching Stars’ is provided by Stas Drive who is returning to System Recordings for his fourth appearance. The Ukrainian producer was much talked about towards the end of 2013 where he was widely regarded for his unique and club friendly grooves. Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and Guy J became some of his biggest supporters as a result. 2014 saw Stas complete remixes for Sudbeat Music, microCastle and Hope Recordings with a release on Lost & Found still building anticipation in the pipeline. This is an interesting remix for Stas, he provided an interpretation for Sea’s first ever release ‘Cosmic Love’ which turned out amazingly well and the results here are equally exciting. His grooves seem to get more elaborate with each production and his smooth remodel of Sea’s beastly foundation is absolutely gorgeous. Layers upon layers of wispy atmosphere create that now trademark Stas Drive haze while muted bell clusters give it a slight pixie vibe which will certainly appease the progressive underground. What sets it apart for me though is the strength of its groove, it’s just got a cool vibe that doesn’t feel forced at all. Killer music from Stas and a top notch release from System Recordings. Highly Recommended.

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