Silicon Syndicate – Pyrokinetic Part 2 (Mistique Music)

The mysterious New York duo Silicon Syndicate return to Mistique Music this week for Part 2 of their ‘Pyrokinetic’ release. The first edition was released in early May and included mixes from Napalm & d-phrag, Loquai and Snorkle. Part 2 is out this week and features brand new interpretations from: AudioStorm, Jacco@Work, John D and Zan Prevee.

Ognjen Vukovic aka AudioStorm provides the first remix and it’s a progressive beauty to say the least. Filled with electric sounds, warm textures and an emotion filled breakdown this goes down as one of AudioStorm’s biggest works to date. Next up is LuPS Records mastermind Jacco@Work. The Dutch producer seems to be reinventing himself constantly. His productions vary from more tech house oriented grooves all the way through to traditional progressive sounds. And sometimes like his remix here it’s a combination of both. The groove is tough and techy but with Silicon Syndicate’s wonderful melodic parts over the top you’ve got a brilliant progressive hybrid of a track. Brilliant stuff from Jacco.

Greek producer John D is next and his big atmospheric sound is certainly a welcome addition to the package. This remix is HUGE, the atmospheric scope is simply immense and the rumbling bass lines are rocking to say the least. The mix builds wonderfully too with soaring synths and spacey electronics providing a wicked climax. Great stuff from John! The package is closed out with another talented Greek producer Zan Prevee. We’ve been loving Zan’s productions of late and his remix here closes the package out on a high note. After a long tension filled intro the production begins to build with some lovely aquatic sounding electronics and great drum elements. The middle section really stands out as it’s full of emotion with soulful harmonies and big sonic sounds which are going to sound fabulous on a big system. A great remix package from Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music with some excellent work turned in by everyone here.

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