slam positive education Reverse Process

Electronic music pioneers Slam are back ‘Reverse Proceed’ their first long player in 7 years, and return to their home base of Soma.

slam positive education Reverse Process

Slam have played a crucial role in shaping Glasgow’s vibrant club scene, holding down residencies at Sub Club and The Arches. Their monthly night Pressure enters its 16th year and was a venue which they were instrumental in developing ever since the start, promoting the first club nights ever held there.

The duo will always be remembered for their 1993 classic ‘Positive Education’, a piece that’s widely considered one of the greatest tracks of all time.

Wve heard that after tireless months in the studio, Glaswegian duo Slam are ready to unleash what is easily their best body of work to date. Not only is this album supposed to capture where the two are at musically at the moment, but it’s also an extension of their unending fascination with all things electronic. Returning to experimentation in ambient and electronica that accompanies their trademark techno, ‘Reverse Proceed’ is expansive 67 minute sound palette, rather than merely a collection of tracks. With over 22 years in the game, Slam have put all their all in to new project, delving into the past for inspiration, whilst also heralding future technologies in the production process.

We’re really looking forward to this one!

Reverse Proceed Tracklist

1. Tokyo Subway
2. Visual Capture
3. Reverse Proceed
4. Cirklon Bells
5. Synchronicity
6. Ghosts Of Detroit
7.Relevant Question
8. Patter A3
9. Factory Music
10. Convolute
11. Catacoustics
12. Irritant
13. Rotary
14. Resolved

Reverse Proceed is out on October 27th

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