Springa – Fame and Misfortune (Mistique Music)

The latest release on Mistique Music welcomes Springa back to the label for his debut EP.


The Swedish artist and one half of the famed Inkfish production duo first appeared on the Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic owned imprint with a remix of ‘Annihilating Rhythm’ by Rogier & Stage Van H. Released in July of this year it was quickly followed with outings on Suffused music and Soundscapes Digital. Now Springa returns for his debut EP ‘Fame and Misfortune’ which features his two latest studio creations.

The lead track here ‘Fame’ comes in as a mid tempo progressive groover with cool hooks and pristine design qualities. Beginning with a tough, dynamic groove, it doesn’t take long for Springa’s cool rhythmic elements to take hold. A metallic motif raises tension momentarily before eventually dissipating while the tonal elements continue to multiple. The strength of its chuggy, groove can’t be overstated and it carries the track with ease to the main break. Here a well crafted trail of kaleidoscopic electronics slowly develops before ultimately summoning the beats to return. Very strong stuff from Springa.

The companion piece ‘Misfortune’ finds Springa crafting a deep, more subversive piece which sits as a wonderful complement to the larger ‘Fame’. Eerie synths and haunting pads combined with clanky hits and a resonant haze make for a trippy first act. The short break is ideal with the atmospheric storyboard continuing to build and it’s deep emotional message becoming ever so clear. It’s a fabulous track to end the release and definitely one you’ll want to hear a few times over. Wonderful release from Springa and Misique Music. Don’t miss it.

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