Suggy – Night Terrors (Suffused Music)

The 12th release on Suffused Music sees up and coming producer Suggy making his debut on the label. The UK based Matt Sugden began the Suggy alias in April of 2012 with his first release on Stellar Fountain. He then went on to appear on the label an additional five times with two remixes and a second single ‘Madeleine’. His debut for Suffused is entitled ‘Night Terrors’ and it comes with remixes from: JJ Grant, Pierre Zamyatin and Psychowsky.

Suggy’s ‘Night Terrors’ is a progressive groover of the highest order. The well produced stabs are bursting with frightening character and the pulsating framework has a wicked swing about it. The somewhat slower 120 bpm just makes the groove seem that much more dynamic and should be deadly on the floor. The first remix comes from US producer JJ Grant who is returning to Suffused for his second appearance. JJ has been one of the more talked about new comers this year and his recent work for Mistique and Massive Harmony have been delighting old school fans. JJ’s ‘Night Terrors’ interpretation ups the tempo just a touch and adds a much more ethereal vibe which sets a lovely atmospheric backdrop. As with all of JJ’s productions it’s the strength of the groove which really stands out here. His punishing beats and momentous waves have never sounded more infectious. The second remix comes from Pierre Zamyatin who is making his first appearance on Suffused. The Russian producer is already well known for his productions on Mistique, Electronic Tree and Bonzai. Pierre’s provided a quirky interpretation of ‘Night Terrors’ that complements the more progressive versions here quite well. The funky stabs lock down a very cool groove and the relatively stripped nature keeps it nice and contemporary sounding. The final remix on the package comes from Psychowsky who is also making his first appearance on Suffused. The Greek producer has gone with an up tempo rework with bubbly acid lines, nice trancy overtones and sweeping melodies which should provide many epic dance floor moments. Another great release from Suffused with the original mix really standing out for us.

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