Super Flu Reveal First Remix EP For Musik 3 Album

Super Flu are a rare kind of pairing that has yielded the iconic imprint Monaberry plus 3 amazing studio albums. We caught up with the German duo to find out more about their new album Music 3.

Hi guys, you’ve just released your new album titled ‘Musik 3’. How long had this been in the making?

Super Flu: More or less since the last album. The most important part of the process is to play around and gather ideas, and these needs some time. After that the producing and implementation of these ideas went fairly quickly, in 3 months time or so.

How do you both approach the creation process as a duo?

Super Flu: That is actually not especially exciting. It is important that we both feel well and can identify with the same idea. We have been making music together for 14 years now, so we really know each other. Other than that a big advantage of being two is that when one is stuck with an idea, the other one can have another approach to it or give good tips and so it moves forward quicker.

K5000 is one of the best records we’ve heard all year and definitely a track that can cross over for sure. What’s the idea with the out of time chords in the second half for example? Was there a story/message/statement you were looking to make?

Super Flu: Thanks for the nice feedback. This usually develops while arranging the track. Before this, when you have created the big loop, you add lots of smaller sounds that can be either thrown out or emphasized later. It is important to hold back a bit while arranging, and then rather have some spare space in the end. After testing the track in the club we can fine-tune a bit and then that was that. No magic tricks!

With Gausa – did you take much inspiration from the Pancha Boys?

Super Flu: We didn’t know the track from the Pancha Boys. After we showed “Gausa” to a few of our colleagues they pointed it out to us. We were really surprised that they sounded so similar.

We saw the video on your Facebook page – it looks like your local bus driver is really in to his music haha.

Super Flu: We threatened the bus company to cancel our yearly ticket subscription, and after that we got the video in no time.

You’re playing the national theatre in Mannheim again in July. How much preparation goes in to a performance like this and can fans expect to hear anything from the album? Did you have a performance you’ve filmed previously that we can embed?

Super Flu: It is a lot of work. We have been working on this project for 6 months now. The main part of the performance is our album, but this will also be supplemented by two remixes we have done. There has not been any recordings yet, but to get an impression you can check out our Volkwein-video:

You own the label Monaberry which we like very much. Can you tell us what releases you have forthcoming?

Super Flu: Coming up next is Solomun’s remix of our album track “mygut”.

C-U is a platform that supports new talent. Can you tell us some names of upcoming artists people should look out for?

Super Flu: Cioz, a young Italian DJ and producer. We just signed him to our label Monaberry and are sure that you will hear a lot from him in the time to come!

It’s festival season in Europe. Can you tell us where fans can see you perform?

Super Flu: We don’t know all our dates by heart; it is probably better if you check our Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on what we do.


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