Tash – Rebirth (Just Movement)

Tash delivers one of his most anticipated singles to date in ‘Rebirth’ for Just Movement’s latest.

Tash - Rebirth

Just Movement started 2015 off very strong with the release of Julian Dep’s ‘Underground Flight’. The Dutch imprint now builds on that momentum by welcoming Tash back to the label for his first single. The Greek producer and head of Movement Recordings provided a remix on ‘Underground Flight’ and his latest original entitled ‘Rebirth’ looks set to be one of Just Movement’s biggest ever releases.

The last six months has seen Tash with a number of incredible studio creations. The highlight of those was perhaps his interpretation of Marcelo Vasami’s ‘Laval Station’ which was played on the radio by Hernan Cattaneo. It capped off an incredible year for the Greek producer and left electronic music fans wanting more and wondering what would come next. Tash’s first single of 2015 ‘Rebirth’ has already received some nice buzz in the underground. When word got around that Hugo Ibarra & Uvo along with Navid Mehr were called upon for the remixes there was a feeling of something special on the horizon. Tash’s club friendly progressive sound has always been a delight for the dance floor and ‘Rebirth’ may be one of his deepest and most profound creations to date. It’s muscular groove, haunting vocal elements and poignant melodies build to goosebump proportions over the course of its eight minute journey. This not only gets the year off to a great start for Tash but it’s already being talked about as the best works of his career!

The first interpretation of ‘Rebirth’ is provided by Hugo Ibarra & Uvo who are making their first appearance on Intemporal Music. The Mexican duo were one of 2014’s most talked about production acts. After teaming up in late 2013 Hugo and Uvo went on an incredible run that has seen them appear on Dopamine Music, Perspectives Digital, Movement Recordings and a host of other top underground imprints. For their ‘Rebirth’ interpretation Hugo and Uvo have worked more of their deep, dreamy magic. Backed by a foundation of muted bass tones and sultry swells the cavernous groove comes with a large presence. The Mexican duo have always been leaders in the pixie-esque sound and their tantalizing reinvention of the melodic elements is further proof of that. Drifting harmonies and soft textural rhythms soon surround the framework and carry the piece to a dreamy conclusion. Another brilliant remix from Hugo Ibarra and Uvo.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Rebirth’ is provided by Navid Mehr who is also making his first appearance on Just Movement. The Toronto, Canada based producer has gotten 2015 off to an amazing start with a new EP (some of which in conjunction with Amber Long) just released on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music. Navid has been a favourite of the storied DJ since the inception of his solo project in 2014 in fact. For his ‘Rebirth’ interpretation Navid has reinvented the main themes from the original in a deeper, techy and more organic style which is absolutely beautiful. Aptly coined ‘Last Goodbye’ the emotion-rich production builds endlessly with waves of rolling bass and warm harmonic textures that are sure to be engrained in heart long after the night is over. Superb remix from Navid and an amazing release from Just Movement, for my money their best yet.

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