Terje Saether & Malin Pettersen – Too Late [Sound Avenue]

The 55th release on Sound Avenue finds the label showcasing one of the stand out tracks from Madloch’s 01 Mix CD from earlier this year.

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The collection boasted an impressive selection of exclusive material with none shining brighter than the Kastis Torrau and Arnas D remix of ‘Too Late’ by Terje Saether feat. Malin Pettersen. Not only was it the best selling track from the release, it also garnered considerable DJ support. Now we see Sound Avenue presenting the official release of the project with the much sought after original mix as well as two additional remixes from Matt Cahill.

Norwegian producer Terje Saether is widely recognized for his unique blend of house and techno. His genre defying sound has remained fresh and his discography features releases on Dark Room Dubs and Hope Recordings as a result. On ‘Too Late’ Terje explores a brooding progressive vibe which the exquisite vocals of Malin Pettersen accompany perfectly. Warm, round beats and a wall of expertly carved bass stabs anchor the massive groove. Luminous keys and an air of melancholia soon fill the atmosphere before Malin’s vocals add an electric flair. Rife with range and emotion the vocals advance the journey on into the break, as a bell motif clusters and a barrage of vocal gates further light up your senses. Brilliant work from Terje and perhaps the crowning production of his career.

The first interpretation of ‘Too Late’ is the aforementioned Kastis Torrau and Arnas D rework which highlighted Madloch’s Sound Avenue 01 CD. As one of their country’s foremost talents and winner’s of the Sasha Burn Studios remix competition, the Lithuanian duo can’t seem to put a foot wrong, and continue to be one of the underground’s most in demand artists. Their electric sound has decimated dance floor’s worldwide and their interpretation of ‘Too Late’ continues a run of remarkable remixes throughout 2015. The distinctive elements from the original get reinvented wonderfully while the duos immaculately produced and monumentally funky foundation charges forward. Malin’s vocals shine and provide many magic moments in the process, with the momentous third act delivering one of this year’s most heartfelt moments.

The second interpretation of ‘Too Late’ is provided by Matt Cahill who is making his second appearance on Sound Avenue. The Aussie producer was announced as one of winner’s in the Belgian imprint’s Han Haak ‘Slaves In Transit’ remix competition in 2014. It was a remarkable debut and it left electronic music fans wanting to hear more. Sound Avenue label boss Dominique Heyninck aka Madloch loved the remix so much that he invited Matt to return and deliver not one but two interpretations of ‘Too Late’. Matt’s ‘Light’ Mix utilizes several of the primary motifs to great effect while painting a more lush, textural picture in the process. The vocals have been transformed into wispy, pad like instruments and cast a heavenly vibe over the entire production, while the hypnotic layers continue to build with an effortless flair. The emotional content peaks during the final break, as bell clusters and a swirling mass of melodies provides the ultimate goosebump moment. On Matt’s ‘Dark’ mix he builds dramatic tension with fresh design and smooth hypnotic rhythms, all wrapped up in a techno state of mind. It’s punchy foundation, twisted electronics and moody vibes provide a great alternative to his epic ‘Light’ mix and ultimately close the release out on a strong note. Another exceptional release from Sound Avenue which is full of talent and variety. Don’t miss it.

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