Tilt – Resonator (Pro-B-Tech Records)

UK production team Tilt returns on Pro-B-Tech Records for their much anticipated ‘Resonator’ LP.

Tilt Resonator

One term that gets inappropriately used quite a lot in electronic music is legendary. When you look back over the history of progressive music there are very few acts which can truly be referred to as legendary. UK based production outfit Tilt however surely fall into that category. From their mid nineties hits on Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto Records to remixing U2, Dido, Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, Laurent Garnier, Boy George and many others Tilt have led a truly remarkable career in electronic music. Their famed ‘Dark Science’ EP on Hooj Choons came at precisely the right moment during the rise of the genre and remains a progressive house classic. More recently Tilt have teamed up with another figure that is permanently etched in electronic music history Sam Mollison. This collaboration yielded ‘The Hurt’ which marked Tilt’s second single on Brent Lawson’s Pro-B-Tech Records and with that the much talked about new Tilt album loomed closer. Fast forward five slow burning months which peaked the interest of fans and the hugely anticipated release of ‘Resonator’ is here.

It’s a rare event that a true progressive house artist releases an album so fans of both Tilt and the genre itself should be hugely excited. ‘Resonator’ is primarily a club record and as an LP it plays surprisingly well. From the warped, druggy grooves of ’30 Hits’ to the laid back electronic pop of ‘Make You High’ there is a lot to like here and the majority of it is tailor made for the dance floor. Previous singles ‘Kiss Magnetic’ and ‘The Hurt’ still sound as fresh as ever and the bevy of new material shows Tilt, after 20 years are still producing cutting edge electronic music. Following the aforementioned ’30 Hits’ we have ‘Analogue Slide’ which beams a funkier more techno inspired side of Tilt. There is a timeless musicality here which plays wonderfully of its chunky foundation and the end result is perhaps one of the standouts on the LP.

There is also a brand new vocal cut which features Jazz and dance singer Dominiqe Atkins. If the name sounds familiar it was the British vocalist who was a member of the well known dance outfits Grace and The Space Brothers. Dominiqe also co-wrote and provided the vocals for Tilt’s ‘Invisible’ which one of 1999’s biggest dance singles. On ‘Resonator’ Dominiqe has provided the vocals for ‘Falling Again’ which along with the original version also features a Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia remix. Definitely one of album’s showcase pieces it excels because of its refined and delicate sensibility. Catchy musical themes and Dominiqe’s sultry vocals are a deadly combination and when they’re backed by a groove that allows them to breathe it just extenuates their beauty. Hernan Cattaneo and Martin Garcia opt for a more cutting edge dance floor approach. Wonderfully reprocessed vocals and an intricate bed of electronics sound positively vibrant over the charging groove. The records second and third acts actually expand on the rhythmic ideas and push the track to a great finish.

The second half of the album features more sublime progressive grooves and ‘KU’ and ‘Here Is Not Now’ feat. Sam Mollison both have some amazing moments. The celestial vocal pads and Holden-esque melodies of the former is a definite delight and any piece of music with Sam’s sultry vocal chops is sure to ignite a soulful experience. I have to say though one of my favourite pieces here is the closer (at least on the promo mailout) and title cut ‘Resonator’. Surely one of the biggest, most menacing creations on the LP. ‘Resonator’ seems to summon the collective energy of all the previous tracks for what results in the most electric dance floor vibe on the album. It’s brilliant blend of traditional progressive house lines and punishing techno grooves along with a tension filled break and anthemic conclusion seems like the perfect close to this excellent collection of music. Surely one of this year’s best progressive house albums and one that you can also get on vinyl. Check the Pro-B-Tech Records big cartel page for ordering info: here

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