Tim Penner feat. Amber Long – Forgive Me (Slideways Music)

The latest release on Slideways Music finds label boss Tim Penner reviving his classic ‘Forgive Me’.

Tim Penner feat. Amber Long - Forgive Me

Originally released on 99 percent recordings in 2012 the production featured the vocals of Amber Long and was a significant moment in their respective careers. Amber recorded the vocals in a Chicago studio roughly five years ago and it was somewhat of a turning point in her life. When you travel you get to see your existence from a different perspective a lot of the time and it was upon leaving Chicago that Amber decided to view hers in a new light. It proved to be a significant moment in getting the multi talented Canadian to where she is today. The vocals eventually found their way to Tim who was still quite early in his career having just released a couple of projects via Stripped Recordings. Listening to the original again it’s hard to believe that’s it’s been three years but looking back it was Tim’s first real breakthrough. I remember thinking at the time that this was the first production of Tim’s that really had that effortless flow of a seasoned producer. The mechanical, robotic sound of his previous productions was suddenly replaced with a more organic blueprint which sounded fresh and inspired. Even three years on the groove still sounds remarkably fresh and it was a snapshot of why Tim became such an intriguing artist moving forward. Now we see Tim’s new label Slideways Music presenting the long awaited return of ‘Forgive Me’ with three brand new remixes from: Kassey Voorn & Turner, Chicola and Solid Stone.

The first interpretation of ‘Forgive Me’ is provided by Kassey Voorn & Turner. For those unfamiliar with Turner he’s part of the Turner and Heit production team who are also one of the USA’s fastest rising DJ duo’s. They’ve recently opened for John Digweed and Sander Kleinenberg and have several other projects in the pipeline for later this year. This is Kassey and Turner’s first collaboration together and they’ve delivered an excellent rendition of ‘Forgive Me’. It’s deep, funky groove is incredibly well shaped and the classic chord changes make for an even livelier affair. Amber’s vocals get teased in early while a very catchy lead develops. Blissful synths then lead the track into the break before getting washed away in favour of the undulating foundation and Amber’s haunting vocals. It’s sets up a great third act and proves to be an amazing complement to the more techno oriented original. This should see lots of plays from a broad range of house oriented DJs in the coming months. Great stuff from Kassey and Turner.

The second interpretation of ‘Forgive Me’ is provided by Chicola who is making his first appearance on Slideways Music. The Israeli producer is fresh off an incredible release on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music and his collaborations with Sahar Z last year were also personal favourites of mine. Chicola’s big, percussive sound has always been sonically impressive and he’s dialed in an amazing remix of ‘Forgive Me’ here. It’s punchy techno inspired groove is very powerful and there are a wealth of hypnotic intricacies to get lost in. As with most Chicola productions the effects are monumentally stimulating, there’s always been a psychedelic flair about his work and it’s all the better for it. Love this remix a lot and it’s another impressive addition to Chicola’s meticulous discography.

The final interpretation of ‘Forgive Me’ is provided by Solid Stone who is making his first appearance on Slideways Music. The Canadian producer has been a primary contributor to Max Graham’s excellent Re*brand imprint and also mixes his very popular Refresh radio podcast each week. Solid Stone’s unique fusion of progressive, trance and techno has melded well with the ‘Forgive Me’ theme and closed the release out very strong. It’s warm bass swells are highly emotional and Amber’s vocals sound fabulous set against those grinding chord changes. The main break is likely the most gorgeous moment on the EP, that warm foundation in conjunction with trancy melodies leads to a rough rhythmic section before the beats drop back in for what should be a massive dance floor moment. It’s epic but in the most classy way imaginable and the perfect way to end off the release if you ask me. Beautiful remix from Solid Stone which caps off a hugely successful rebirth for ‘Forgive Me’ on Slideways Music. Highly Recommended.

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