Tommi Oskari – Mind Tingle (Juicebox Music)

We last heard from Praveen Achary’s Juicebox Music in December of 2013. It’s a long time to go between releases especially in the digital age but it’s been abundantly clear that Praveen has been committed to building something special with Juicebox since the labels inception. The Indian producer has already built an incredibly strong presence for Juicebox with everything that encompasses the brand. It’s monthly slot on frisky Radio remains one of the stations most popular shows and the Juicebox affiliated events continue to feature some of the world’s most sought after electronic music talents. For the labels first release of 2014 and sixth overall we see Tommi Oskari making his debut with a brand new double A-side release entitled ‘Mind Tingle’.

I first heard about Tommi just over a year ago when he remixed Khen & Sonic Union’s ‘Introspection’ for Cid Inc’s Replug Records. The Finnish producer has added nicely to his discography since then with appearances on BC2, Change Audio and Lowbit Records. The first track on his ‘Mind Tingle’ EP is its title cut which begins with a very groovy and somewhat techno inspired framework. The punchy kick and well spaced drums soon get complemented with a great sequence of rhythmic tones which just locks the groove down even further. As the rhythms begin to evolve the track takes on a much trippier vibe which is wonderfully accentuated with the steamy, jet engine style sweeps which dominate the compositions back drop. The track then gradually strips itself down for the impending main break. It’s an eerie, tension filled interlude which builds to a nice climax with the groove crashing back in for what promises to be a great moment on the dance floor.

The companion piece ‘Sri Lanka’ is just as strong and is my favourite of the two on the EP. It carries a similarly dark and somewhat brooding vibe but the funky elements and atmospheric qualities of the record are what really shine. The tracks foundation is carved to perfection with an irresistible sequence of bass tones which provide a very strong groove and the escalating ambiance becomes quite exhilarating. You get a real sense of Tommi’s production chops here as a lesser producer would likely have that funk laden foundation get lost in the sweeping harmonics and hazy atmospheres but that’s not the case here.

Tommi’s really growing as a producer as both tracks here are quite strong. He seems to be etching out his own signature sound slowly but surely. ‘Mind Tingle’ and ‘Sri Lanka’ are both very unique tunes which standout in a sea of homogenized electronic music. A great return for Praveen Achary’s Juicebox and we can only hope for a new release sooner rather than later. Highly Recommended.

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