Toppy – Stars Mixdown (BC2)

The 52nd release on Balkan Connection’s BC2 division welcomes Toppy back to the label for his second artist EP.

Toppy - Stars Mixdown

Vasil Mihov aka Toppy hails from Bulgaria and began his production career in December of 2008 with several releases on LuPS Records. His unique progressive sound was then picked up by Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic who signed him on to their Mistique Music imprint for an EP and several remixes. The next four years saw Toppy with a number of great releases with remixes for Clinique Recordings and a single for Spring Tube Limited being the most notable. Now Toppy returns to BC2 with as follow up to his ‘Small Steps EP’ from August of last year.

Leading the release off is the title cut ‘Stars Mixdown’ which showcases Toppy’s unique meld of progressive and techno quite well. It’s tough kick, driving groove and stark electronics carry a big presence and once the spacey sweeps get dropped in the momentum really starts to build. As the main break approaches a washed out melodic theme rises to the forefront along with a vocal sample which flows through a wicked modular sequence. The second half brings the vibe up further with all the elements coming together for a wicked goosebump inducing finale. The companion piece ‘Something Solid’ finds Toppy with a quirkier take on his progressive techno sound. Again backed by gargantuan beats and rolling bass stabs the tracks framework is complemented by a wealth of raspy synths and gated atmospheres. The main break strips away the top end haze and once the groove drops back in you get a clear sense of how big, menacing and dark this really is. Excellent stuff from Toppy and a great signing for BC2 once again. Don’t miss it

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