Tuxedo – Standing In The Rain (Seven Spirits)

The fifth release on Seven Spirits welcomes Tuxedo to the label for a brand new EP entitled ‘Standing In The Rain’.

Tuxedo - Standing In The Rain

We last heard from the Electronic Tree label boss just two weeks ago with his remix of Soulwerk for Movement Recordings. Tuxedo now steps up and delivers his fist single for Seven Spirits alongside remixes from Demian Moreno and Lucas Rossi.

Tuxedo has reshaped his production sound quite a lot in recent years. Deeper, dubbier and at times more musical territories are explored. On ‘Standing In The Rain’ we see the Polish producer keeping things laid back and very cool while working in some lovely motifs to tantalize the senses. Anchored by a spacious groove, a variety of plucky hooks begin to take shape and an esoteric vibe comes to life as a result. A tripped down second act carries a lovely cadence and the soft overlay is just a gorgeous space for the lead melody to work its magic. Tuxedo could have made this much bigger than it is and thankfully he didn’t as it retains it’s wonderful serenity all the way through. 

The first interpretation of ‘Standing in the Rain’ is provided by Demian Moreno who is making his first appearance on Seven Spirits. The Argentinean producer has been quiet for most of 2015 with his only new production being a remix of ‘Will To Believe’ by Basil O’Glue. Word has it Demian has been perfecting his craft in the studio over the first 3/4 of the year and his interpretation of ‘Standing in the Rain’ sounds fabulous. Already featured by Hernan Cattaneo on his Resident Podcast Demian’s Dub Mix casts a dreamy vibe that perfect for setting the mood of a room. Airy pads drift over a sparse framework comprised of chunky bass stabs and metallic percussion. Warped stabs add nicely to the groove before a blissful break sets up a smooth conclusion. Demian has also included a ‘Morning Mix’ which adds some gorgeous pads and airy designs which complement the minimalistic groove perfectly. Two great versions from Demian and hard to go wrong with either one. 

The third and final interpretation of ‘Standing In The Rain’ is provided Lucas Rossi who is making his first appearance on Seven Spirits. Also hailing from Argentina Lucas began his production career just over a year ago with a release on Suffused Music. 2015 has seen Lucas add 3rd Avenue and System Recordings to his discography with many more great projects in the not too distant future. For his ‘Standing In The Rain’ interpretation Lucas has stayed true to the great themes from the original all while adding his own percussive flair and hypnotic cadence. It’s rolling nature is quite groovy making it the best dance floor option on the release, which the short breakdowns add to monumentality. The beefed up drums and tonal accents add a lot here; along with an almost indistinct haze which makes that main theme shine just a bit brighter. Beautiful remix from Lucas which rounds out an excellent release on Seven Spirits very strong. Don’t miss it. 

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