VA – B:Co Rewind II – Sehat & Sobek Remixes (Balkan Connection)

The 296th release on Balkan Connection sees the debut of a very promising production duo. Sehat & Sobek have gone back into Balkan Connection’s expansive catalog and reworked four of the labels most loved releases. Their reconstructions of Stas Drive, Li-Polymer, Jelly For The Babies & Marc Pollen and Yoram are all very good and gives the progressive house underground a great new act to follow.

The duos transformation of Yoram’s ‘Back In Time’ is particularly nice. The original track released back in February of this year was a smooth tech house jam full of emotive harmonies and cool rhythms. As a straight forward club record it really works and Sehat & Sobek have added their own unique twist on it here. With a much drummier framework and a complement of fresh melodic ideas the duo have reinvented the track wonderfully while still staying true to the great vibe Yoram created on the original.

They’ve also done a nice job on Stas Drive’s ‘Arkaim’. The original version was a favourite of both Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J who featured the track in their sets and monthly charts. Sehat & Sobek have stripped the down a touch and focused on the groovier aspects of the production. The intense soulful theme that Stas Drive captured so perfectly on the original has been conveyed in a much subtler way and the trippy late night vibes are incredibly strong.

Jelly For The Babies and Marc Pollen released their ‘Flow Motion’ production well over a year ago now. It was Balkan Connection’s 232nd release and featured remixes from Silinder and Kobana. The original track saw Jelly and Marc come together for a floaty tech house groover that was one of the labels best signings that year. Fast forward almost 15 months and Sehat & Sobek have put their own spacey twist on it. Filled with cool vocal gates, shuffling rhythms and a dreamy atmospheric backdrop it’s another excellent reinvention from this new and exciting duo.

Closing the release out is Sehat & Sobek’s interpretation of Li-Polymer ‘Sense of Imperfect Beings’. Another standout from Balkan Connection’s back catalog and still one of the Portuguese producers career best tracks. Sehat & Sobek have retained the deep, enchanting presence of the original all while beefing up the framework with a nice complement of drums. The main break is certainly one of the highlights with its unique and tension filled build which culminates with a suitably restrained re-entry. Should be a massive moment on a lot of dance floors and it rounds out a very exciting release on Balkan Connection.

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