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VA – Collection Sampler #4 (Sound Avenue)

The latest release on Sound Avenue finds the label showcasing it’s ‘Collection Sampler #4’.

V/A - Collection Sampler #4 (Sound Avenue)

It’s become a yearly (and holiday) tradition for the long standing Belgian imprint to look back over its catalog and re-interpretation some of the labels best releases. This year label boss Madloch has called upon Andre Sobota, Michael A, Mohn (NL) and Ubbah to remodel Nevee, Daraspa, Mario Puccio and Murat Ustun respectively.

First up we have Mohn (NL) returning to the label for his third appearance. The Dutch producer is fresh off an impressive EP for Weiter Records and also has 2015 appearances on Natura Viva and Inlab Recordings. Here we find him putting his unique touch on Mario Puccio’s ‘Holograms’. Originally released as part of the labels Summer Sampler 2013, the track was then subsequently re-released in early 2014, with new interpretations from Andy Arias and Progress Inn. Now we see Mohn (NL) put his own creative spin on the track which has turned out wonderfully. For those of you not familiar with the original it was a playfully melodic, mid tempo progressive cut with a nice timeless vibe. Mohn (NL) has taken the distinctive elements and reshaped them into a tougher, more contemporary techno inspired creation. There’s always a fluid, energy which the Dutch artist manages to capture in his productions and that’s certainly evident here. Anchored by a rolling wall of sub bass the framework is adorned with wicked vocal hooks, trippy effects and moody motifs. It makes for a wonderfully hypnotic ride, highlighted by a brief moment of bliss during the tracks second act, ultimately breaking down into some lovely sonic decay. Great stuff again from Mohn (NL). 

The second interpretation on the release is provided by Michael A who is making his fourth appearance on the label. The Belarus based artist’s last outing on the Belgian imprint was a memorable one. Michael’s ‘Education’ earned a back to back play from Guy J and Guy Mantzur during a special Ibiza set the two had together this past summer. Already in Michael’s all time best sellers it also sits as one of this finest creations to date. Here he puts more of his deep progressive magic on Daraspa’s ‘Antko’. Originally released as part of Madloch’s Sound Avenue 01 CD earlier this year and then as part of Daraspa’s ‘The Beauty of Silence’ EP just two weeks ago, ‘Antko’ still stands as one of the Dutch producers most intriguing creations. Michael A takes it in a rough and rugged direction with a heavy groove and fabulous melodic elements. Trippy and loaded with character, for as good as ‘Education’ was this might be better. It’s got just enough bright moments, particularly during the break, to offset all the mean, heads down appeal which is its strong suit. Big remix from Michael, wouldn’t be surprised to see Guy J supporting this one, it’s got that sound.

The third interpretation finds Ubbah making his first appearance on Sound Avenue. I first heard about the Argentinean producer when his ‘In The Desert’ was released as part of label affiliate 3rd Avenue’s ‘We Are The Future’ (Winter 2014) collection. It was far and away the stand out track on the release which definitely held much promise for the future. Ubbah has been quiet ever since with just one release, an EP courtesy of Dubwise Records just last month in fact. Here he amazes once again with a great interpretation of Murat Ustun’s ‘Recall’ which was part of Sound Avenue’s ‘Summer Sampler 2015’. Anchored by big bass swells and stylish tonal themes you get a sense of its greatness straight away. Indistinct vocal gates and delicate melodies trail through the piece for a tripped out and semi-wonky journey. Void of any real break the energy flows with a nice momentum throughout and should make for great midset material. Well done and can’t wait to hear more from Ubbah in 2016.

The fourth and final interpretation on the package sees Andre Sobota’s Dub of Nevee ‘So Intentional’ getting it’s long awaited release. The much loved Brazilian originally remixed the track in July of 2014 to great reactions. It was Andre’s tough beats and unique design qualities which really stood out and now almost a year and a half later they still do. Andre has a knack with rhythm and groove in a way very few traditional house producers do, he always manages to create such great cadence when building tracks and for all its stripped down glory this one has it as well. The vocal led break from Andre’s main mix, which was a moment of beauty, here conveys more of a foreboding vibe, with sizzling design qualities providing tension as a prelude to those big beats dropping back in. I’m glad to see a dub of this got released as I always felt it was one of Andre’s most surprising remixes, given the vocal elements most would have expected a classic Sobota melodic number but he really took it somewhere different and this dub opens it up even more. Beautiful work from Andre which makes for a strong end to the release. 

It’s been another great year for Sound Avenue. They released their first mixed CD compilation, added mighty to the artist roster and saw label boss Dominique Heyninck aka Madloch do several tours as a result, with a recent one in Argentina most likely being the highlight. For as good a year as it was, 2016 holds even more promise for Sound Avenue. Expect more excellent music and a few surprises along the way, it’s going to be a great year for this crew. 

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