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VA – We Are The Future Winter Edition (3rd Avenue)

Dominique’s Heyninck’s 3rd Avenue imprint has delivered some of this years strongest progressive house releases. If you look back over the labels discography for 2013 it’s littered with great, well thought out releases. Progress Inn’s ‘Currents’ EP was a real standout and many pure progressive house fans cite Blusoul’s ‘Omega’ as one of their favourite releases of the year. One of the highlight’s of 3rd Avenue’s release schedule are the quarterly ‘We Are The Future’ compilations that Dominique so tirelessly puts together. They are always a great showcase of electronic music talent and generally offer a broad range of sounds which make for a great listen start to finish. This week sees the Winter Edition of ‘We Are The Future’ getting it’s release and it looks like another fabulous selection. Featured on the project are: Kaan Koray, GabiM, David Salazar, Mitaric, Sound Travell3r, Kaban & Phase Modulation, Julian Rodriguez, Sebastian Schetter, German Angeleri and Jose Tabarez.

Like all compilation’s there always seems to be a few tracks that you really latch on to and for me that’s certainly the case here. Great work has been turned in by all involved but when i first listened to the collection i found myself consistently going back and checking out the productions from Mitaric, Julian Rodriguez and Jose Tabarez.

Most progressive house producers nowadays are generally European so it’s always cool to see one from the USA. Mitaric hails from sunny Florida and this is his first appearance on 3rd Avenue. His newest studio creation is entitled ‘By Your Side’ and it looks to be his strongest work to date. The deep, hypnotic groove is quite contemporary and the wobbly bass stabs carve out a very nice foundation. The rhythmic elements go through a series of slow rolling modulation which just plays to the hypnotic nature of the track. As the composition builds though there is some real melodic beauty which comes to the forefront. Gorgeous keys cascade through the framework along with goose bump inducing pads which phase in and out of the mix perfectly. It’s a delicate beauty that’s full of wonderful texture and emotion and it’s certainly one of the standout tracks here. Sublime work from Mitaric.

Julian Rodriguez has been a long time fixture of the progressive house underground and this year his contributions to the scene have been huge. Julian’s Massive Harmony imprint is giving old school fans something to rejoice about and the Argentine’s productions have been better than ever this year. Julian’s inclusion here is entitled ‘The Eternal Sigh of Sibyl’ and it goes down as one of his most well constructed tracks to date. The drum elements are big and bold which really enhance the nice groove Julian creates early on. Trippy vocal trails, long dynamic sweeps and twinkly melodies soon enter the mix and take things to a much more sonically satisfying level. The main break is full of big, widescreen atmosphere which really engulfs the entire drop. The tension and anticipation are quite exhilarating and once the gyrating rhythms return it’s a huge moment in the record which sets up a monstrous sounding second half which is full of amazing atmosphere. Great stuff from Julian.

Closing the collection out is Jose Tabarez who has been one of the more under rated producers in recent years. His productions always have great atmosphere and character about them, it’s clear that’s he’s not a producer just churning out as many tracks as possible but rather one that focuses on the intricate details in his productions. His contribution here entitled ‘Filthy Nightlife’ has the prefect vibe to end the compilation on. The lazy, loose sounding groove and hazy atmospheric surroundings are a match made in heaven. The waning vocal stabs and dubby electronics are really interesting and you just want to sit back and enjoy the grooves as the track develops. The drum elements are really well processed; full of trippy effects and a great texture which is an assault on the senses. A lead synth hook gets slowly weaved into the framework and begins to build in intensity over the second half of the track. The modulation gradually becomes more intense until the groove ultimately drops out and the sonically charged line just annihilates your senses. A very heady track from Jose and like i said it seems like the perfect way to close out this outstanding collection. I don’t know how Dominique does it but somehow he must (tirelessly) go through countless demos and eventually come up with a stellar collection every four months. He hasn’t missed yet; superb stuff from 3rd Avenue.

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