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VA – Summer Sampler 2013 (Sound Avenue)

Sound Avenue returns following the labels tow biggest and most unique releases to date from Madloch & Beat Syndrome and Mehmet Akar. The Belgian imprint has continued to diversify it’s sound in recent months and has earned support from a new and wider range of DJs like Slam, Oliver Schories, Ryan Davis, Stephan Bodzin, Moonbeam and Microtrauma. The much anticipated summer season is just around the corner and Sound Avenue has compiled a fresh summer sampler of five new tracks from: Han Haak, Or Weisinger, Diego Poblets, Mario Puccio and Andrew McDonnell.

The sampler begins with a new producer from the UK who has been making some serious waves of late with a release on Dave Seaman and Steve Parry’s new Selador imprint. The mysterious Han Haak moniker is a name you’ll be hearing a lot in the coming months. The Nick Muir engineered project has a long list of tracks signed to some of the coolest underground imprints around and here he provides his first offering for Sound Avenue entitled ‘Slaves In Transit’. A tough, titanium coated framework lays down a techno inspired groove early on while a wide array of fresh electronics delight the senses. Mesmerizing sequences of well textured mallets soon get introduced and play off each other resulting in a great hypnotic energy which builds nicely towards the main break. An ominous vocal sample takes the track into the break where some eerie tension begins to build with big bassy growls and flickering electronics leading the way. The hypnotic groove soon returns amidst a vast array of sonic sweeps and driving drums for the ultimate dance floor payoff. Big time stuff from Han Haak.

Tel Aviv based producer Or Weisinger makes his debut on Sound Avenue here after two appearances on sister label Crossfade Sounds. Ors first ever EP entitled ‘Yours’ broke into the Beatport Techno top 25 and he’s provided a sensational track on the sampler entitled ‘These Moments’. Or’s unique cross genre style once again sounds remarkable here with a lazy electronica groove setting the tone early. Filled with warm melodic keys, twisted harmonics and a low slung bass line that really grinds “These Moments’ makes a huge impact as the track works through a variety of unique themes. Some subtle modulation on the lead melodies carries the piece though a dulcet break before the punchy groove returns along with the full melodic complement for a great conclusion.

Next up is Diego Poblets who has been a part of the Sound Avenue label family since he first appeared on the label with his ‘Parallels & Meridians’ single from March of 2012. The Argentinean producer has also appeared on Lowbit, Stripped, Baires and Baroque over the last couple of years and here he provides another top notch production entitled ‘Waves’. This one couldn’t be more appropriately titled in fact as it’s full of long, glacial sounding hypnotic waves which flow effortlessly through the track. Clever beats along with dynamic fills keep things firmly on the dance floor while big gaseous sweeps carry the track into the main breakdown. Here an incredibly emotional tone comes over the record with sweeping soundscapes and poignant atmospheres pulling at your heartstrings. The record concludes with all the hypnotic elements coming together for an exhilarating climax that surely goes down as Diego’s best to date.

The next offering comes from Mario Puccio who is making his first appearance on Sound Avenue. Another up and coming producer from the talent rich country of Argentina Mario already has Stripped and Lowbit on his discography and his ‘Holograms Life’ production is a superb addition to Sound Avenue’s sampler. For those of you familiar with Mario’s productions you’ll recognize his signature tough beats and metallic hits at the outset. As the production builds offset stabs along with clusters of melodic keys add a musical tone which complements the floor friendly groove perfectly. The main breakdown is what really stands out though; a journey into glistening, effervescent sounds which transports the listener to a gorgeous, otherworldly environment. And if that wasn’t enough ‘Holograms Life’ has already earned support from one Nick Warren who has been including the track in his sets recently.

The compilation is closed out with another new addition to the Sound Avenue roster Andrew McDonnell. The Canadian producer has quietly been putting together a solid body of work in recent years with productions on Parquet, Asymmetric and Particles. An active DJ in his home of Toronto Andrew recently shared the decks with Guy J, Quivver and Eelke Kleijn at the underground spot of the moment ‘Toika’. Andrew’s contribution to the sampler is entitled ‘Patience To Envy’ and it closes the collection out on a high note. The Canadian producer has crafted a deep and enchanting record that’s rich in both atmosphere and groove. The relentless hypnotic energy i s sure to make this an absolute bomb on the underground floors out there. Fans of Guy J will certainly want to check this out! Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

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