Various Artists – ADE 2014 Sampler (Perspectives Digital)

The 29th release on Darin Epsilon’s Perspectives Digital finds the label showcasing its second annual ADE Sampler.

perspectives digital 2014 ade sampler

Last year’s inaugural edition proved to be one of their most popular offerings as it earned a top 5 position in Beatport’s best-selling releases chart. Featured on the 2014 installment are the talents of Antrim, Dark Soul Project & Hugo Ibarra, Jaap Ligthart, Michael A, and Shimmer.

First up is Antrim who is returning to Perspectives Digital for his second appearance. The Argentinean producer’s musically gifted ways continue to amaze. His carefully constructed discography shows a producer that is still very much on the rise. Antrim’s contribution here ‘Wake Up’ is a highly stylized musical gem. From its sultry groove, to its uniquely structured themes and organic vocals, it is a production that sets the Argentine apart from the pack once again.

Ivan Jaime aka Dark Soul Project had a series of gigs in Mexico earlier this year and he found time to work with one of the country’s top talents, Hugo Ibarra. The result of their first studio collaboration together is the entrancing ‘No Limits’. Ivan’s drum-heavy production style has melded wonderfully with the hypnotic tendencies that Hugo seems to favor. The end result is a powerful piece of music complete with a mesmerizing build and charming musical elements.

The third selection is provided by Jaap Ligthart who is making his first appearance on Perspectives. The Dutch producer has been enjoying the best year of his career. His contribution to the ADE Sampler is the enchanting ‘Spacer’. Its gleaming melodies and wispy atmospheres are dramatically offset by a nasally bassline, which should have the melodic techno aficionados drooling. A myriad of clustered keys provide a rousing finish and makes this one of Jaap’s most inspired studio creations to date.

One of 2013’s top newcomers was the Belarus based producer Michael A. Support from Hernan Cattaneo brought attention to his pristine sounding productions and thus the electronic music underground soon became fans of his work. Michael’s contribution to the sampler is entitled ‘Felonious’ and it also marks his debut on the label. Its shapely grooves and haunting soundscapes are some of the most detailed work of Michael’s career. The ethereal finale takes things one step further with a refined sonic approach that’s sure to be a delight on the dancefloor.

The fifth and final selection comes from Shimmer who is also making his first appearance on Perspectives. The Colombian born but now Dutch based producer has a well kept discography which includes appearances on Kittball, Armada, Cr2, and Nervous Records. He closes the sampler out with his latest production entitled ‘New Horizon’. Its warm bass, heavenly rhythms, and glistening hypnotic haze round out what’s sure to be another hugely successful release for Perspectives Digital. Don’t miss it.

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