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Various Artists – Collection #03 (Sound Avenue)

Sound Avenue returns for the third installment of their ‘Collection’ series which features new remixes from Mariano Mellino, Namatjira, Daraspa and Omar El Gamal.

Various Artists - Collection #03

Sound Avenue’s ‘Collection’ series has become a much anticipated annual release. The Belgian label rounds the year out by taking a look back at their catalog and assembling an EP of carefully selected new remixes. The end of 2014 finds Sound Avenue showcasing the talents of Mariano Mellino, Namatjira, Daraspa and Omar El Gamal as they provide their own unique takes on some of the labels finest releases from Daraspa, Diego Poblets, Yunta and Antrim.

Daraspa’s much heralded debut EP for Sound Avenue ‘Art of Illusion’ included three tracks. The lead piece ‘Sashke’ made waves throughout the electronic music underground for its nostalgic vibe and electric club energy. Here Mariano Mellino makes his debut on the label and provides an excellent interpretation. The Argentinean producer has crafted a bouncy, percussive rework that’s aimed squarely at the dance floor. Drifting atmospheres, long washed out sweeps and a drone-like haze cast a surreal vibe over the track while the barrage of drums and big beats keep the energy high. Excellent rework from Mariano.

Diego Poblets released his ‘Waves’ production through Sound Avenue in June of 2013. The track first appeared as part of the labels Summer Sampler collection and later received a full release with remixes from Anthony Yarranton and Matias Chilano. Now for Sound Avenue’s ‘Collection’ series Namatjira provides a brand new rendition. The Dutch producer had several career highlights this year; remixing Subsky’s classic ‘Strawberry Fields’ was certainly one and the ‘Painters Dream Time’ single on Asymmetric also stands out. For his ‘Waves’ interpretation Namatjira has created a serene, melancholic twist which expands on the mood of the original quite nicely. A smooth flowing ambiance and deep but powerful groove highlight the mix and make what is an incredibly emotional track great for the dance floor.

Yunta’s ‘Perpetuum’ was Sound Avenue’s sixth overall release. It went down as one of the labels biggest offerings of 2012 and included two amazing interpretations from Luis Bondio and dPen. Now almost three years after the ‘Perpetuum’ release we see a brand new interpretation from Daraspa. As 2014 winds to a close the Dutch producer has become a household name in the electronic music underground and it was Sound Avenue which kick started his career just over a year ago. The buzzing qualities emanating from Daraspa’s design are highly intriguing and they have been conveyed very well throughout his ‘Perpetuum’ interpretation. It’s spacious, well carved foundation is perfect for today’s clued up dance floors and it’s poignant, bell-like chimes are incredibly haunting. A stripped down middle section complete with pulsating rhythms, murmuring tones and a subtle melodic sheen might be what’s most captivating though; an evocative second act which transitions beautifully into an exhilarating finish. Superb remix from Daraspa.

Antrim’s ‘Life In Peace’ was Sound Avenue’s 24th overall release. It was the highly touted Argentinean producer’s first appearance on the label and it included a superb selection of remixes from Van Bellen, Mauro Norti and Dale Middleton. Closing the collection out and providing a new update on ‘Life In Peace’ is Omar El Gamal. The US based producer is making his first appearance on Sound Avenue which follows several for label subsidiary 3rd Avenue. Omar’s deep and refined style has added a new emotional depth to ‘Life In Peace’. As one of the most haunting creations of Omar’s career it rounds out an excellent final release of the year for Sound Avenue in style.

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