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Various Artists – Forty-5ive RPM (Whose Haus)

Whose Haus is back with a brand new exclusives EP featuring Silinder, Marcelo Vasami, Sasha Le Monnier and Magshine.

Whose Haus

It’s been seven long months since the last Whose Haus release and to see something new from the Finnish imprint is always a welcome surprise. Their latest exclusives EP is entitled Forty-5ive RPM and it’s ready just in time WMC.

The lead track on the collection is provided by Marcelo Vasami who is returning to the label for his fourth appearance. The much loved Argentinean producer has been a part of the Whose Haus family since January of 2011 when he released his ‘Apotheosis’ single alongside remixes from Ariel AB and Deepfunk. Marcelo’s latest ‘On The Way’ showcases his love for deep designs and has some wonderful thematic elements along the way. The rolling grooves and soft atmospheric overlay make for a pleasant beginning and create a sense of anticipation for what’s to come. The tracks lead motif gets presented during the main break and it’s spacey melodic nature is quite lovely; very soft and subtle; well in line with the enchanting atmospheres which surround the framework. The second half keeps things cool and classy but with the lead theme teased over the groove for a dreamy finish. Beautiful work from Marcelo.

The second selection on the collection comes from Gav Mulhall aka Silinder who has also been one of Whose Haus’ primary artists over the years. The Irish producer is now making his seventh appearance on the label and continues to be a favourite of progressive house fans everywhere. Gav’s contribution to Forty-5ive RPM is entitled ‘Darko’ and it’s currently #1 in the Release Promo Hype Chart. It’s hard to find fault with any Silinder productions; they always come with great grooves and classy design. ‘Darko’ is no different and might be one of Gav’s most enchanting yet. It’s smooth dubby qualities, charming atmospheres and intricate electronics are a joy to listen to and build to a lovely climax in the third act, should prove really effective on the deep and progressive oriented floors. Excellent stuff from Silinder.

The third selection on ‘Forty-5ive RPM is provided by Sasha Le Monnier who is making her first appearance on Whose Haus. The Jersey Islands based producer has been very quiet of late with her last production being released in June of 2014 on 3rd Avenue. Her contribution here entitled ‘Isle Groove’ marks an impressive return with a lovely selection of deep designs. It’s got all the makings of a classy late night groover; with soulful vocal samples, soft dubby rhythms and a nice fluid energy leading the way. Should be great on a variety of floors and definitely Sasha’s best work to date. Really nice.

The fourth and final selection is provided by Magshine who is making his third appearance on Whose Haus. As one half of the famed Magnetic Brothers duo Anton Golubev aka Magshine has been experimenting with his solo alias for just about two years now. After debuting the new project on Whose Haus in April, 2012 Anton has added releases on Balkan Connection, Particles, Soundteller Records and his own Deep Blue Eyes imprint. Anton’s latest and contribution to Forty-5ive RPM is entitled ‘Moving City’ and closes the EP out very strong. The energy gets upped slightly with an up tempo tech house take all while keeping the rhythms cool and dubby. A sax motif plays nicely during the main break and carries the track on to an even more energetic conclusion. Lovely stuff from Magshine and an awesome release from Whose Haus. Great to see something on the label again. Don’t miss it.

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