Various Artists – Untold Stories (Juicebox Music)

The latest release on Praveen Achary’s Juicebox Music finds the label tying up some loose ends with the first installment of their ‘Untold Stories’ series.

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These EP style releases look to introduce new talent by having them remix a selection from the labels meticulous discography. Featured on the first release are Makrostorung, SEQU3L, Weird Sounding Dude and Phalguna Somraj.

‘Happiness’ by Greek producer Dio S. was the second ever release on Juicebox Music and here it gets updated by Marc Klug aka Makrostorung. I first heard about the Belgian producer when his ‘Am Anfang II’ EP was released on Mirabilis Records back in 2012. Umek’s 1605 imprint also appears on Marc’s discography and his remix here marks his first production of 2014. With a much more techno inspired twist Makrostorung has stripped the ‘Happiness’ groove down considerably and reinvented the main themes into something much more delicate and refined sounding. It’s rumbling nature is wonderfully offset with twinkly melodies and a soft textural backdrop which although is a minor feature may be my favourite aspect of the mix. Great vibes and a strong interpretation from Makrostorung.

The second selection is SEQU3L’s new interpretation of ‘Stress Test’ by Simon Firth which was Juicebox Music’s third release. SEQU3L has earned a nice following for his big, club friendly productions but he’s delivered something a bit deeper and more thought provoking for his ‘Stress Test’ interpretation. The signature tough beats are there but the mid tempo groove and hypnotic tendencies keep the production firmly in the underground. SEQU3L’s always had a knack for crafting really infectious rhythms and that’s the real highpoint here as well. The vocally hooks and smooth rhythms make for not only a pleasant listen but also sure fire dance floor success as well.

Next up is another one of India’s finest up and coming talents. Abhijith Hegde aka Weird Sounding Dude hails from Bangalore and has already made his mark in the underground with releases on Clinique Recordings, Magic Room, Soundteller Records and System Recordings. For his debut appearance on Juicebox Music he has overhauled Diego Azocar’s ‘Homenaje’ which was the labels fifth release. His tough interpretation goes down as one of the strongest remixes of his career. It’s inherent techno sensibility is wonderfully offset with a swirling atmospheric breakdown which proves to be an amazing centrepiece. Add to that a charging second half finale and you’ve got a great all round remix from Weird Sounding Dude.

The fourth and final remix is provided by Phalguna Somraj who recently had a very well received collaboration with Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic which was released on Mistique Music. Phalguna’s debut appearance on Juicebox Music finds him reworking the second original from Diego Azocar’s EP ‘Technology’. There is a definite old school vibe coming from this one with it’s classic lines and energetic drive. Playful rhythms and emotional chord changes push the piece into epic territory and the breakdown takes things even higher with a band of harmonic swells that seal the goose bump factor nicely. Great interpretation from Phalguna and a great start to the ‘Untold Stories’ series from Juicebox Music.

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