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Verche – Raw Substance (System Recordings)

System recordings returned this week following a great EP from Deepfunk . One of the primary artists on System’s underground roster has undoubtedly been the superb Croatian producer Verche.  Marin Roncevic aka Verche is known best for running both the Sangria and Decadence imprints, aside from that he is loved across the globe for his richly textured, melodic sound which he has been pushing for the last couple of years with great success. His new single for System is entitled ‘Raw Substance’ and it comes with remixes from: Nick Stoynoff and MNR.

Verche’s original really shines here with some fluttery melodic lines and a washed out atmospheric back drop as the track begins a long winding intro. Additional keys add a nice sparkle as the intro continues to build before the kick eventually drops at around the two minute mark. Some lovely modulation on the lead synths keeps you locked until the main break. It’s another gorgeous ambient interlude from Verche with waves of enchanting melodies set over a heavenly sound scape. The slow build out of the drop is mesmerizing to say the least and should have your dance floor completely entranced. The grinding synths intensify just a touch for  smooth but exhilarating climax which flows nicely through the second half of the record. Strong melodic stuff from Verche.

The first remix is supplied by Nick Stoynoff who we have been loving of late. The Chicago based producer has revamped his sound considerably and the result is something much more organic and character laden. Nick has delivered what turns out to be our favourite version on the package. A spacey but powerful groove is well complemented with some of the best vocal stabs we’ve heard in a while. The hooks there are just deadly and with the rising atmospheric tension the composition gets pretty large just before the main break. The melodic theme is left well intact from Nick during the drop and thus provides a gorgeous interlude before the tough groove returns for a great second half. Very nice work from Nick as always.

The final two remixes are provided by MNR who have been producing outstanding music for Verche’s Sangria imprint over the last year. Michael & Ryan aka MNR are a Toronto based duo and their unique blend of deep and atmospheric tech house has been quite inspiring. Their ‘Spectral Visions’ LP was a spectacular collection and their upcoming ‘Pillars of the Earth’ EP is even better. MNR have crafted two beauties here with the ‘Paradise On a Patio’ mix being first. This one is rich in texture with a wealth of atmospheres and well processed synths carving out a gorgeous sound. It’s set over a pretty beefed up groove as well so it’s going to be great for dance floor and as well radio. The second version entitled ‘Spectral Voyage’ is even spacier and more atmospheric. The addition of some noisy, escalating synths creates a huge element of tension a few times through the long 11 minute voyage. When dropped at the right time and on an educated progressive dance floor this could turn out to be one of the biggest records of night. Amazing work from MNR and a top notch release from System Recordings. Highly Recommended. Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

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