Viviana Toscanini talks about her new EP with UNER

Viviana Toscanini talks about her new EP with UNER

Viviana Toscanini has roots in North America and grew up in a family that has a strong passion for music. She is well known in the North American scene and gets a lot of gigs in places like Brooklyn and New York.

Also a talented producer, she recently collaborated on a two-track EP with UNER for his label Solar Distance. We caught up with Viviana to chat about that collaboration and her other forthcoming projects…

Hi Viviana it’s nice to be talking with you today, what part of the world are you currently based in?

Hello, the pleasure is all mine. I am based in a small town in the State of Connecticut in the USA

We are having this chat today after I recently heard the new EP you made with UNER, but I understand you are also a solo artist. Could you tell me a little bit about your background in music?

Yes, music has been in my life since I can remember, my dad is a guitar player singer/songwriter in Uruguay (where I spent the first half of my life) so I grew up surrounded by music, as an adult I would play music at home with friends, etc., but it wasn’t until 2013 that I had my first DJ gig in a club.

I understand that you and UNER are more than just friends, and are actually boyfriend and girlfriend. What’s it like sharing studio time together and do you ever have differing opinions on a track idea?

UNER and I are family, we live together and have our studio in our home which makes things so convenient, we love working together and no, we don’t really have too many different opinions on ideas because we are quite similar in that aspect, and it helps so much that he is really a great musician who understands exactly when I am trying to explain a certain sound that I want on a track, which makes working together on things so enjoyable. We really do have a lot of fun being creative in the studio.

Could you give a brief description of the tracks on your new release with UNER, and the concept that inspired each of them?

It’s a very special EP for us because it’s our first together, the main idea was to make an EP with the feelings that move us in music, but most importantly to enjoy and share more time together since our relationship goes beyond just being a couple, as we also share hobbies and passions. So we tried to capture our energy but also the most intimate feelings in this EP

How’s your solo music coming along, do you have any releases or other projects lined up for the coming months?

It’s coming along nicely I think, I am not in any hurry, before starting to make music I wanted to get familiar with the tools needed, and that’s why while UNER worked in the studio I would always be there taking notes. I also took one of his Masterclasses which helped a lot, and I really recommend that for people like me who are just starting. My next solo release will also be on Solar Distance in July, so please look out for it ?

You have quite a steady DJ career with a regular amount of bookings, do you play a variety of styles in your sets, or do you always stick to a particular genre?

I think that is really difficult to stick to one genre when you play for so many different crowds, but I try to stick to Melodic Techno/Techno. Anyways, I love all genres of music so I can move very comfortably through the styles that I like.

When is your next gig, and do you ever put on your own events?

We are working on Solar Distance very intensely, and also on the label showcases… especially in the USA. We have done several shows in Miami and Brooklyn, but we also went to Spain last March. In terms of other gigs, we have a festival in Mexico very soon, back to Brooklyn for an after-hours party, plus some other shows we are working on.

Before we wrap things up is there anything else you would like to add?

Simply thank you for the interview, and the opportunity to talk with you about my projects. Thank you for supporting our music.

You can pick up a copy of Viviana Toscanini and UNER’s new EP on Solar Distance from HERE


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