Michael Calfan on diversifying music genres and changing up his live set

A French artist renowned for his distinctive house sound, Michael Calfan has gone strength to strength gracing stages such as Tomorrowland and SLAM! Festivals, as well as picking up 300 million Spotify streams for tracks such as ‘Treasured Soul’ achieved #17 in the UK charts and ‘Nobody Does It Better’ gained over 50 million streams.


This year has seen the release of his new track ‘My Place feat. Ebenezer’ that’s already made waves across Spotify playlists and their viral UK charts.


Welcome to Change Underground, Michael Calfan. How are you?

Very good ! Thank you !


For readers who might not know you could you tell us about your background and how you got into music ?

I’m a producer / DJ from Paris. I started making music in 2007. You probably heard my songs like ‘Treasured Soul’ and ‘Nobody Does it Better’.


As a producer and an artist, who are your influences?

Daft Punk, Arman Van Helden & Fat Boy Slim,


Were you always musical growing up? What drove you towards house music?

In Paris I discovered house music in club at 15 years old and I fell in love with it !


Talk to us about your latest single “My Place (feat. Ebenezer)’, how did the collaboration come with Ebenezer? Is there more collaborations to expect?

I’ve hit him up on instagram, I really liked his song ‘Inhale’ with Duke Dumont and I was very happy to make a song with someone from urban world. I’m working with some very talented singers / song writers at the moment. Can’t wait to drop some new music !


The single seems a step away from ‘Treasured Soul’ and has a more club focused sound, would you agree? Would you say your tapping into another sound for your forthcoming releases?

I’m always trying different stuff, sometimes it’s more pop sometimes it’s more club but I’m challenging myself everytime to bring something a bit unusual and unexpected.


As a DJ what do you strive for in your sets? Is there a particular journey you take listeners on?

I’m trying to be very creative in my DJ set, updating my tracklist, bootlegs and specials edit every time.


Where in the world have you taken your music to live? And where would you if you had the opportunity?

I’ve been very lucky to play everywhere in the world except Australia. I would love to play there.


Are there more songs we can expect underway?

Yes, I’m finishing my new single, hope to release it asap !


Lastly give us 5 tunes you would include in a set right now…

Rebuke ‘Along Came Polly’

DJ Protein ‘Say My Name’’

Gorgon City ‘Delicious’

Patrice Baumel ‘Roar’ (Adana Twins Remix)

my track ‘My Place’ club mix 😉


Stream ‘My Place (feat. Ebenezer)’ below


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