Vlada D’Shake – Maginot / Dwarf Pump (Music To Please Friends)

Music To Please Friends gets 2015 off to a very strong start with a new two track EP from Vlada D’Shake.

Vlada D'Shake - Maginot

The Serbian artist has long been one of his country’s top progressive house producers. Hernan Cattaneo and Charlie May are fans of his work and 2014 appearances on 3rd Avenue, Clinique Recordings, PHW Elements and Stellar Fountain were all quite strong. His new double a-side EP ‘Maginot / Dwarf Pump’ looks to be even better and already has a long line of support from Marc Poppcke, Armin Van Buuren, Darin Epsilon, Dousk, Paul Oakenfold and Markus Schulz.

The release begins with the dark and chunky grooves of ‘Maginot’. Vlada’s always been a producer who’s had one foot in the old school and another in a more contemporary progressive sound. Stylistically ‘Maginot’ is deeper and more house oriented so it falls well in line with what today’s clued up progressive DJs are playing. A spoken word story board flows the through the track and adds a magical intrigue particularity during the main break which is filled with mystery. The dark and chunky groove is ultimately what a carries this though and makes it a great dance floor track which stretches genres pretty well. Great work from Vlada.

The companion piece ‘Dwarf Pump’ proves to be a great complement with its quirky electronics and brooding approach. Aside from a wealth of eerie and dead cool melodic themes which run through this the other standout elements are undoubtedly the vocal samples and scattered drum work. They add a lot of depth, vibe and space to the production. The running time is quite long at around 10 minutes but there are enough thematic shifts and new melodic ideas presented (particularly in the second half) to make it more than justified. It’s an amazing tripped out journey with a great dance floor sensibility. Expect to be hearing this one a lot in the coming months. Two amazing tunes from Vlada and Music To Please Friends to kick off the new year in fine style. Highly Recommended.

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