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What’s In Your Box: Derek Howell

Hot on the heels of his ‘Red Dwarf’ release we catch up with Derek Howell and find out what’s been rocking his dance floors this month.

Derek Howell

1. Oz’E ‘Dancing With Da Chords’ (Original Mix)  [Unrivaled Music]

“This one is a really good melding of deep house, techno and progressive sounds, It’s actually very close to the embodiment of what I like to play in the club over the course of an evening because it doens’t feel linear.”

2. Dpen Nick Varon  ‘Northern Tales’ (Hernan Cattaneo And Soundexile Remix) [The Last Of Us]

“These guys have made some awesome songs together and this is one of them. It’s got a great beat behind it, but what brings it all together for me is the detuned synth. I’ve always been a fan of detuning. It’s good for a little funk and/or weirdness.”

3. Bedford Falls Players ‘Cool Bango’ (Acid Washed Remix) [Ej Underground]

“This one has an updated mid to late 80s feel with an aggressive club sensibility backing it up. I absolutely love songs like this; uplifting but with some teeth still. Definitely a big one in my box!”

4. East Cafe ‘Odds And Ends’ (Original Mix) [Time Capsule]

“East Cafe’s ‘Odds And Ends’ has a nice summer vibe to it that I really dig. Winter is bringing gloomy weather even here in Texas, so it’s nice to escape that through the music sometimes.”

5. Baunzz ‘Berlin’ (Madrem Remix) [The Purr]

“Just really digging that groovy beat paired with the odd pitched down vocals in this one. It’s a nice take on the original housier number.”

6. Stephen J. Kroos ‘Etiological’ (Loquai Remix) [Spring Tube Limited]

“Loquai’s remix has a  dark vibe with a really full bass. It works well for that special high energy late night set with those edgy soundscapes and affected vocal washes.”

7.  Marcelo Paladini ‘Restinga’ (Original Mix) [Golden Wings Music]

“This one has such a nice, smooth house vibe that takes me back to 2000. It’s great for some of those earlier hours of the evening.”

8. Desaturate ‘Delusions’ (Original Mix) [e sound records]

“Great stuff, has a good driving energy to it and it’s tastefully produced which is often uncommon with a lot of techno driven tracks.”

9. Michael AFrankield’ (Marcelo Vasami Remix) [Clinique Recordings]

“Beautiful sounds and a great deep vibe in this one. I love the space that Marcelo provided for the soundscapes to really breath.”

10. Mehmet Akar ‘A Kind of Panic’ (Santiago Garcia Remix) [Baires Records]

“Such an interesting juxtaposition of sounds in this one, love the groove too. Good for the club or home listening, which is a treat for me that it’s not one or the other.”

Red Dwarf’ is out now on Cid Inc’s Replug label, you can purchase the release here and preview it below.

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