What’s In Your Box: Subandrio

With Subandrio’s debut EP for Cid Inc’s Replug Records getting released this week we catch up with him for his top 10 favourite tunes of the moment.


1. Dhillon – Lost (Original Mix) [Drumcode]

“Drumcode is known for its banging techno grooves. Dhillion is this installation delivers a solid driving baseline sprinkled with crunchy effects coupled with meticulously crafted percussion. Having dug into crates of music, Been dropping this forgotten masterpiece and works like a charm”

2. Loco & Jam-Crank (Original Mix) [Phobiq]

“A driving base coupled with precision mixing is what makes this track a masterpiece. Once the track reaches the first break its carnage. Leading to hot saturated 909 rides with walls of filtered vocals, this one is one of my go to tracks, The main break takes the cake. With the glide CRANKED this track is my trusty buddy that gets hands in the air every time.”

3. Muui – Polkadot Syndrome (Original Mix) [Crossfrontier Audio]

“In my books Muui’s ‘Escape The Remedies’ is my album of the year. A conscious masterpiece, highlighting Patrick’s tried and tested years of experience and studio skills. With low rumbling hidden bass riffs and yearning melodies morphed through chains of hardware creating evolution with every bar and note ‘Polkadot Syndrome’ is simply insane on a big sound system.”

4. Deep Hertz – Beatbox (Kissoff Remix) [HDR Limit]

“Kissoff delivers a masterpiece here. A completely different take of the original, Kissoff manages to create a gem in disguise of an alternate reality. It is one of those rare tracks that would ease you to the destination ever so slowly and ever so gently nudging with energy groove. The perfect start off track!

5. Ejaz – Doppelgänger (Subandrio Global Mission Mix) [Promo]

“Been dropping this for close to 6 months. The remix has been received well by many a industry peeps. And looking forward to this bass driven tune.”

6. Tauben (Original Mix) – Matthew Dekay & Maher Daniel [Maruca]

“Eleven and half minutes of pure ecstasy. Subliminal melodies leading to a twisted break harnessed by ingeniously crafted 1/3 bpm flutes. This beauty is one of my all time favourites. Perfect for an early set and will guarantee smiles and energy from the crowed.”

7. D_NM_GJ_WOW – Trezzzfall (Gillactico ‘Back To L.A.’ Reload) [Promo]

“This ones a bootleg I’ve been playing for a while. Tastefully moulded by Gillactio. Intensely enjoyable 9 minutes!”

8. Cid Inc. & Lank – Coronal Mass (Praveen Achary Remix) [microCastle]

“Been dropping this remix for a while. The Juicebox head honcho delivers a remix that complements the original track. Rightfully getting massive airplay and support by the big guns.”

9. Lank – Run On Fumes (Gai Barone Closing Time Remix) [microCastle]

“The First time I heard the Gai Barone remix I was astounded at the detailed precision of production. Since then its been a staple pleaser for me. A warm and lush track elegantly covering all ranges of the sound spectrum, this magnificence journeys’ through an energetic 9.30 minute voyage.”

10. Desaturate – Delusions (Original Mix) [E Sound Records]

“Janko Dragovic (one half of Progress Inn) goes solo under his new guise, effortlessly taking on a musical journey through merging deep / techy / prog and techno feel to the release. The Dynamic drum patterns, animated electronics and rhythmic baselines make this track ideal for peak time. Exquisitely framed into a slow-burning club brute. Delusions will get hands in the air effortlessly. A natural born killer tune.”

‘Fractured Moment’ is out now on Replug Records, you can purchase the release: here

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