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With the first single from Tilt’s ‘Resonator’ LP out this week we catch up with the UK production duo for a look at what their favourite tracks of the moment are.


1. TILT ft G-Man – 30 Hits Of Acid (King Unique & Quivver Mixes)

“After the huge success of Resonator the label wanted to come back with something big for the first release of the album. We asked Matt (KU) if he would be interested in remixing 30 hits because he was a fan of the original track. He really nailed his mix because he took that acid sound in another direction by making it even bigger. The King Unique remix has had great support so far, most notably by John Digweed at the BPM festival. The other remix comes from our old friend Quivver, John went for that trademark sound he does so well which people absolutely love, in fact Sasha said it was ‘massive’. The original mix is also on the release and should be out early February.

2. Joel Mull & Sasha – Pale Reich

“LNOE just goes from strength to strength, but that’s not only down to the high exposure it obviously gets from Sasha. It down to having a great stable of artists and they never release weak of filler tracks, everyone is a killer. Pale Reich reminds us of those stunning melodic tracks from the mid-late nineties as it drives along on the typical dark groove. It’s a big track for us and one we relish dropping in our sets.”

3. Scuba – Curious Paradox

“This is so well produced, its one of those tracks which your constantly re-discovering on each listen. Curious Paradox would be the perfect track for Scuba to perform live, all the elements in that record lend themself to that kind of environment. It goes without saying Scuba has to be one of the top 3 producers around at the moment and this number is well worth a purchase.

4. TILT ft Malika Nasar – We are the Wolf

“We are the Wolf is something we have just finished. We wanted to create something that was really driving at 122 BPM but had that kind of vintage sound to it. Malika had given us a fantastic vocal last year and it just fitted perfectly onto the track. It’s certainly a record that has a lot of dramatic moments in it, which is very typical of TILT – BIG tune!”

5. TR20 – Shambles (Mini Album)

“Jack and Joshua are two producers to watch out for in 2015. They recently released their debut album ‘Mini’ on Pro B Tech Records and its been getting some great reviews, even getting a play on BBC Radio. Mini has some rocking tracks on it but Shambles is the stand out track for us. It’s got a fantastic groove that sounds solid in a club. We’ve been playing this for months now and cant see it going away anytime soon – love it!!”

6. Cid Inc – Guardian (Nick Muir Remix)

“Cid Inc has to be one of the most consistent producers out there right now. Both mixes are great but the Nick Muir Remix just has the little extra something to it. Nick is one of the scenes un-sung hero’s; in fact he is a bit of a legend in our book! Hes obviously worked alongside John (Digweed) for many (many) years but he always delivers something which sounds great on the dance floor (which is what its all about). Guardian is no exception; it’s got it all.”

7. ALX – Rattled (Original)

“If we are being honest it’s a very simple track, but it works so well. It’s got so many dark elements to it, which is perfect for those 3am DJ sets. We could easily see Rattled ‘Rattling’ the rafter at the Warehouse Project or some kind of enormous room sound system in NYC.”

8. Timmo – Canvas

“Canvas is very reminiscent of that Oliver Leib sound which was big in the late nineties. On first listen it sounds banging but it soon opens up into something a bit special. Like ‘ALX’ its got that big room sound to it which is rare to find these days. The synth line and the vocal work so well together as it builds into a mesmerizing crescendo in the breakdown. Sasha recently dropped into his set at the BPM and it ripped the place up!”

9. Sam Paganini – Sunflower

“This tune is right up our street; its use of film samples and gothic vocals, its very much on our wavelength. It’s quite an empty track in composition however you never become bored of listening to it. Samples fly in from every direction to create something which works effortlessly. Sam’s album ‘Satellite’ has had so much support from all the DJ fraternity and is in our view a real triumph for electronic dance music!”

10. The Reason – Holy lies

“A monster 303 track, which has a shit load of trippy samples thrown in. We were given this at a recent gig and took an instant liking to it. Its kind of embraces that old acid house sound but has a real techno edge to it. The only issue we have with this records is its not long enough – we need more people!”

’30 HIts of Acid’ is out now on Pro-B-Tech Records, you can purchase the release: here

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