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What’s In Your Box: East Cafe

With East Cafe’s’ new remix of Robert R. Hardy ‘Telemetry’ released this week on Time Capsule we take a look at what’s been rocking his dance floors in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?

East Cafe

1. Nikko.Z – Sungazing (Huminal Remix) [Proton Music]

“Nikko has always been one of my favourite artists of the modern era of progressive. His talent combined with the Dutch duo’s unique style ends up in flawless beauty… this is a rather new one, but I will surely stick to it for a while!”

Nikko.Z – Sungazing (Huminal Remix) | Preview/Teaser from Huminal on Vimeo.

2. Following Light – Hereafter/Repose [System]

“This EP of Kirill’s reminds me of the very first tune I ever heard from him, “Calm” – I remember thinking “this is something special, something I need to share with my audience”. Now he hits the bull’s eye once again – both tracks are perfect to set the mood.”

3. Barry Jamieson – Below the sky (Original Mix)  [Golden Wings Music]

“Mr. Jamieson needs no introduction to true fans of dance music. As a hard-core Evolution fan, I just can’t leave Barry’s latest masterpiece off the list. Every second is golden here – a truly perfect way to finish a set when the new day dawns.”

4. Anton Dhouran – Tales Of Phyre/Mnesis [MNL]

“This thing is orgasmic. Both tracks are perfect examples of why I love this genre. I wish the world sounds like this for the upcoming summer.”

5. Erich Von Kollar & East Cafe – Dimensions Crossed (Michael A Remix) [Per-Vurt]

“ Michael has turned our love child to a groovy little bastard… 🙂 It would work best right before the peak hours on the dance floor. We cannot be thankful enough for this remix.”

6. Alberto Blanco & Marcelo Paladini – New Intention  (Simos Tagias Remix) [Dopamine Music]

“This is why I can’t get enough of Simos’ stuff: dirty grooves and hypnotic rhythm all mixed together with some delicious chords. The result will surely catch you even if you are at the club or just chilling at the beach watching a picturesque sunset.”

7. Geolo Berlange – Passport For Moons (Julian Rodriguez Remix) [LuPS]

“Julian has a great passion for music, and his progress is incredible. I really like this remix of his, just like the direction his sound is heading at this moment.”

8. Exoplanet – Refraction (East Cafe Remix) [Balkan Connection]

“I hardly ever say that I am satisfied with my work, but sometimes I just enjoy playing out the stuff I made… The material Oscar has shared for remixing was simply perfect, and I think I could add a certain nostalgic touch to his tune. This remix reminds me of the good old days, so why not dropping it when you are in the mood for that? :)” 

9. GMJ – Hidden Hearts [Particles]

“Gavin is on fire lately. This tune perfectly fits my expectations when it comes to warming up the crowd. Smooth little journey to close the early hours.”

10. Martin Merkel – The Star Traveller (Original Mix) [Secondary Tones]

“A tune that puts a smile on every listeners face is a real treasure. This is one of those tunes in my opinion.”

East Cafe’s remixes of Robert R. Hardy ‘Love Telemetry’ are out now on Time Capsule, you can purchase the release: here

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