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What’s In Your Box: James Gill

With the James Gill curated ‘Proximity Effect’ compilation/mix getting released this week on System Recordings, James gives us a breakdown on each selection in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?

James Gill

1. Sebastian Tamayo ‘Lincoln Ave’ (Original Mix)  [System Recordings]

“The starter of the compilation reflects Sebastian’s natural knack for combining experimental sounds with very emotional melodies.  Lincoln Ave has this reassuring undertone in it’s arrangement that puts me at peace when listening to it because it allows the experimental elements in the track to roam freely while keeping the listener emerged in a central, melodic theme.  A sure-fire mood-setter.”

2. James Gill  ‘Nobody’s Waiting’ (Original Mix)  [System Recordings]

“I was really inspired by a lot of the moodier, ambient stuff that guys were really emphasizing in compilations last year, particularly with Bedrock’s Ibiza Underground and Hernan Cattaneo’s Balance Compilation, and that’s where this track came from.  Originally I wrote it with the thought of having a notably sad undertone (even the name suggests so)  but it didn’t really seem to pan out that way: if anything I think it’s just a relaxing vibe kinda thing and I hope that people who like it can take their own feelings from it.”

3. Moshe Edri  ‘Traffic’ (Original Mix)  [System Recordings]

“Moshe has a really good sense of how to synthesize dark and light elements, and make it work!  Traffic does exactly that: darker ambiences and bass combined with lighter riffs and chords.  It’s a great track for finding the middle-ground transitions in your set: whether you want to go from dark to light, or vice versa, as well as whether you’re looking to take it up a notch, this will fit perfectly.”

4. Terron Darby  ‘Oblique Strategies’ (Original Mix)  [System Recordings]

“You can hear Terron Darby’s true musical personality in Oblique Strategies: soulful, funky, and deep, with a nod to classic sounds put in a new light that only experience can bring .  This tune combines them all in a unique way: heavy based sampling combined with melodic arpeggios that are all kept grounded within a rolling, bass-heavy framework.  You could easily turn some heads with this track, and the incorporation of these diverse elements will be sure to please fans of a variety of different tastes.”

5. Tim Robert  ‘Proximity Effect’ (Original Mix)  [System Recordings]

“The main feature of the compilation, Tim Robert’s Proximity Effect represents a culmination of Tim’s fast-rising progressive style.  This guy has been knocking it out of the park lately with some heavy-hitting releases, and PE is no different.  An addictively groovy bass line, housey riffs that add a taste of soul, and a classic modern progressive energy.  It is a well deserved title track for the theme of this compilation.”

6. Moshe Edri  ‘Name Your Cactus’ (Original Mix)  [System Recordings]

“Moshe’s 2nd track on the mix gives a trancier tinge in a progressive context. I like the Juno-ish stabs that in my mind give the track it’s core identity, and the bassline is probably the most rockin’ in the whole compilation.”

7. Tim Robert  ‘Depth of Intent’ (Original Mix)  [System Recordings]

“Tim’s second addition is a heavy hitter as well.  Some homage to acid here with a dirtier bass, and coupled with a trippy melodic core overlaying the bass/kick foundation gives for a nice little journey that also packs a serious punch.”

8. James Gill  ‘Jellyfish’ (Original Mix)  [System Recordings]

“I’m not sure what exactly prompted me to write this track the way I did, but I remember that I had the documentary Blue Planet on in the background behind my computer while I was cooking this up and all of the deep sea jellyfish, which were bioluminescent, were ‘oscillating,’ in a manner of speaking, kind of how I would imagine a sound wave to look like if it were a visual entity.  So I kind of followed the jellyfish and here we are.”

9. Silicon Syndicate  ‘Cloudcover’ (Original Mix)  [System Recordings]

“Cloudcover is one of the most unique tracks on the compilation, simply for it’s melodic content.  Silicon Syndicate have fused a core of rich elements that can really be best appreciated as a whole.  For those who follow progressive house and know it is a truly about the bigger picture, as opposed to one or two elements, this represents that as well any track on the mix.  There are a lot of nuances that weave in and out of this story, and combined with Hugh and Kent’s natural affinity for giving their tracks an airy soundscape, make for a musical journey that really does make you feel like you’re riding on the clouds.”

10. Rory James  ‘People Cry, The Birds Fly’ (Original Mix)  [System Recordings]

“The closing track on this comes from none other than my close friend and colleague Rory James, and like so many of the tracks on this compilation, it truly does display the artist’s musical identity.  A submersion of chunky, tech driven percussive riffs driven by a rolling bassline and emotional chords represents all of the dark, moody, energetic, and melodic elements that Rory stands for and champions again and again on his TTP radio show.  This in my mind is true representation of how the melting pot of modern underground sounds can produce something both unique and satisfying to all who appreciate quality dance music.”

‘Proximity Effect’ is out now on System Recordings, you can purchase the release: here

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