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What’s In Your Box: Rich Curtis

With Rich Curtis’ new remix of Satoshi Fumi ‘Composition’ released this week on Spring Tube we take a look at what’s been rocking his dance floors in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?

Rich Curtis

1. Ken Hayakawa ‘Converse’ (Original Mix) [SOSO]

“A great set-opener, deep & full rhythmic groove mated with lush vibrant cinematic strings, Ken’s sound is right up my alley.”

2. Tom Peters ‘Going Ahead’ (Original Mix)  [Get Physical]

“Dark, mysterious and moody. Tom’s sound-design is very unique and his work on the ethereal bass-line is next-level!”

3. Egbert ‘Vrede Op Aarde’ (Original Mix) [Loveland Recordings]

“Melodic beauty over a solid techno rhythm and percussion foundation, this is one of the best from Egbert, ever.”

4. Bastian Bux ‘Mulberry’ (Original Mix) [Suara]

“Such a classic trance melodic atmosphere flowing through this one yet the overall track has no relationship to trance whatsoever, a real ear-pleaser with the nasty bass blasts timed perfectly.”

5. Agent 001 ‘Bubblebath’ (Omid 16B Remix) [Alola Records]

“Hernan Cattaneo picked this one a while back for his Masters series and it still stands up perfectly for my sets, particularly towards the closing stanza.”

6. Dave Brody ‘Eclipse’ (Guy J Mix)  [Labyrinth Music]

“This one WON’T age, it’s just that good. The epic arpeggiated melodies that swirl around your head matched to Guy’s trademark syncopated bassline groove make for an all-time dancefloor winner.”

7. Martin H ‘Arp It Up’ (Part 2)  [Invent Recordings]

“The name says it all and being a big lover of old-school sounding arpeggiated riffs I love hearing this one really loud. The second act is ripe for a dancefloor.”

8. Pig & Dan ‘Argentina’ (Original Mix) [ELEVATE]

“Fairly straight-forward and reliable techno but the buildup with it’s tricky little filtered drops is a sure-fire way to fire up a set to the next level.”

9. Rich Curtis ‘The Deed’ (Original Mix)  [Tulipa Recordings]

“My first real full-on attempt at club-techno and also the only time I’ve ever made a vocal. The breakbeat interlude catches people off guard just perfectly.”

10. Patrice Baumel ‘Lowrider’ (Original Mix)  [Kompakt]

“An absolute belter, head-caver, floor-destroyer, whatever superlative you want. Walls of white noise, sub-blasts and an infectious unpredictable rhythm makes it a winner for me.”

Rich’s ‘Composition’ remix is out now on Spring Tube, you can purchase the release: here

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