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What’s In Your Box: Tash

With Tash’s latest single ‘Days Off’ out this week on Movement Recordings, we take a look at what’s been rocking his dance floors in the latest episode of What’s In Your Box.


1. Tash – Days Off (Stas Drive remix) [Movement Recordings]

“Stas is on fire & I’m super-glad he provided such a development on ‘Days Off’.. His production level is totally amazing and couldn’t use original parts better than that!”

2. Sebastian Mullaert – Direct Experience (Remake) [Traum]

“Sebastian is an Analogue Master and ‘Direct Experience’ is one of the top EPs/Vinyls of the year in my opinion, playing 3 of 4 edits really A LOT in my sets from the time the promo came in my bag”

3. Guy Mantzur & Roy RosenfelD – Epika [Kompakt]

“Guy’s collaboration with Roy Rosenfeld had as a result a spectacular pack of 2 tracks on Kompakt, overdoing themselves and ‘Epika’ is definitely a tune that’s gonna be a standard feature of my sets for long time”

4. Robert Babicz – Auralphase [Selador]

“Robert Babicz is another Analogue Hero, and his ‘Auralphase’ track on Seladaor is really making great mood in my sets already receiving great reactions on dancefloors I’ve recently joined”

5. Mariano Mellino & Maxi Degrassi – Maglos [Movement Recordings]

“We’ve signed recently on Movement a bomb from Argentinean wonderboy Mariano Mellino & Maxi Grassi which have been really working on my latest gigs, such beautiful deepness!”

6. Weekend Heroes – Secret Society (Khen Late Night remix) [Flow]

“Another release that really stuck in my box since weeks now and don’t plan to leave its position soon was the Late Night remix of Khen on Weekend Heroes for Pena’s Flow Records. Khen is a natural talent & an awesome dj I had the chance to play with or host on the label for a groundbreaking remix and I consider him as of the top Israel producers nowadays!”

7. Rogier & Stage Van H – Buenos Aires (Ewan Rill remix) [Just Movement]

“Back to our label family, I’m so pleased to spin such quality releases from Just Movement, especially when it comes from one of the most important persons in my musical journeys & co-founder of Movement, Stage Van H on his massive collabs with Rogier based in Netherlands.. Ewan Rill is providing a great remix here!”

8. King Unique feat. Natalie Arnold – 7 Hours (Dubspeeka Dub mix) [microCastle]

“That’s a great combo now… ‘7 Hours’ original mix has been one of my favourite tunes of 2014 and one of top releases of one of my favourite labels, microCastle. Dubspeeka is a producer that really admire & feature in my sets on the most techy parts of them.. The result is simply awesome, creating a mess on the dancefloor! ”

9. Pablo Discobar & Hugo Hp – Youngman (Samuel L Session remix) [Movement Recordings]

“Samuel L Session is a legendary producer.. His productions has been featured in my very first dj sets.. In March, Samuel joined the release catalogue of Movement remixing one very special release, ‘Youngman’ by the groovy duo of Pablo Discobar & Hugo HP based in Luxembourg.”

10. Nick Warren & Guy Mantzur – Sad Robot (Musumeci remix) [Bedrock]

“What can I say about the ‘Sad Robot’ now.. Two of the most inspiring Artists of Electronic Dance Music for me join forces on John Digweed’s Bedrock.. Both Original & Musumeci remixes are awesome &fit perfect in my sets.. Musumeci is my pick for the peak time of sets, huge tune with massive energy on the dancefloor”

‘Days Off’ is out now on Movement Recordings, you can purchase the release: here

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