Alberto Jossue: What’s In Your Box

From releases on L’enfant terrible and For The People to regular gigs at some of Toronto’s hippest venues, Alberto Jossue is making a name for himself in the deep house underground. Celebrating a new remix on Magician On Duty, the Canadian artist checks in for the latest edition of What’s In Your Box.

1. John Tejada – Cascade (Original Mix) [Kompakt]

Easily one of my favourite tracks to play at the moment , the surgeon like approach to every element of this song is what speaks to me the most and subtle acid touch adds such an interesting ride to the main section of the track. Its a perfect mood changer for the dance floor and a perfect example of less is more. Will definitely be in rotation for me for years to come.

2. Vinyl Speed Adjust – Retro (Original Mix) [Visionquest]

A complete hypnotic “lose track of time” on the groove kinda track. VSA just nails the sprinkles here and there that just keep you locked in as you loose yourself on the dance floor. Another true weapon in the late hours of the night. These kind of tracks are a dream to dj with because of all the possibilities it gives you to play with. The steady but evolving groove is in a perfect marriage with the elements that come and go through the length of the track keeping the listener locked in. Fantastic work.

3. Daniel Sanchez – Yi (Doubtingthomas Into The Abyss Remix)

Easily one of my top 5 producers out there, Doubting Thomas as usual delivers a set of crispy sounding drums that instantly makes the listener wants to move in every possible direction. Living up to the abyss name of the remix he uses a perfect lead into a black hole-like breakdown that leaves the listener riddled in anticipation only to lead back into what he does best. The design behind the pads on the break and the crisp top end of the drums on a proper sound system is an absolute treat.

4. DJ Aakmael – Take It Back (Original Mix) [Scissor & Thread Records]

This is the kind of song that immediately teleports you to a completely different place, the mood behind this work is what really catches my hear. The groove in conjunction with perfect sounding keys and a beautiful Bassline just let this song ride into a tale that can really set the tone in a set and create that memorable moment we all search for on the dance floor. Perfect for night or day, the entire EP is fantastic as usual with the NY label.

5. Davis – Watu (Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix) [Endless]

There’s something about Luca Bacchetti and the art of creating long story-like songs, I don’t think there is anyone that can pull off what he does. The percussion throughout the song is simply perfect. The patience shown through the introduction of drum elements in the different chapters of the track while keeping the soul of the original intact really keep me glued in every time I listen to it.

6. Adam Husa, Pōe – Open Waters (Original Mix) [Magician On Duty]

A fantastic sound landscape with a beautiful bed of soft chords and silky pads, it almost feels like its two tracks being mixed together perfectly. The groove matches the energy of the landscape and the flow throughout the track really captivates the listener. This balance puts this track in the category of tracks you can use in a Dj set but at the same time just lay back and loose yourself to it at home.

7. Landhouse & Raddantze – Olamorph (Original Mix) [Magician On Duty Records]

Simply beautiful, the complete definition of less is more. A beautiful melody with a rhythmic sector that marches through the chords in a perfect pace , this is a memory maker. From a sunrise set to a road trip, regardless of the place this song will take you somewhere. It has been on repeat for me for a while now.

8. Jose Vizcaino – Release (Mark Slee Remix) [Seven Villas Records]

Mark Slee is hosting a remix master class on this track. He transforms what was already a fantastic original into a flawless journey, the intricate landscapes with a fantastic melodic selections and a complete change in the groove really turn this track into a beast of his own. The subtle piano touch on the first break is fantastic and the evolution of the song into the break without losing your attention for a second is truly something I will never get tired of.

9. Tigerskin & Alpha State – Cymatics [Seven Villas Records]

Fell in love with this as soon as I heard it, the combination of the underlying cloud like pads and the percussion bouncing off the kick is what drew me in from the get go. The shaker play on the track is great and its another multi use weapon to have in your arsenal. This is the kind of song that gives you the option to take a turn into unknown territory during a set, a mood setter if I’ve ever heard one.

10. Steve Bug & Langerberg – The Teaze (Original Mix) [Poker Flat Records]

When that arp meets that low end pad you truly get wrapped around in a musical blanked while a steady and captivating groove take you into that break in which the arp and kick combine to get you exactly where you need to be for those hats to take the song to the next level. The precision and delivery is calculated and combined to perfection. A sound designers dream. And one of my most used tracks on the last while.

Alberto Jossue has new music out now on Magician On Duty, you can purchase the release: here


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