Blamhaus’ Bass Heavy Techno Bombs Causing Damage

South East London’s Blamhaus has a big love of bass and gives us the lowdown on his B-Haus imprint

Tell us about you. How old are you, where are you based and how long have you been producing and Djing? How did you come up with your Blamhaus moniker? What does it mean?

Im 34 years old and i live in south east London. I have been djing/producing music since i was a teenager. Blamhaus is a reference to Hufhaus (german prefabricated housing manufacturer), i feel electronic music can be seen as pre-formed, robotic and sterile but as a producer you bring the human touch to it which turns it into something much more than it base materials.

It’s hard to put labels on most producers these days but how would you define your musical style? And what does the music you produce mean to you? Or what does it say about you?

Bass heavy techno that hopefully doesn’t all sound generic. Music is amazing, i love producing it. I don’t over think it too much; just try to create a vibe that people like.

You’re about to release B-Haus002, the second record on your B-haus imprint, what can you tell us about the inspiration behind the track?

We have release B-haus002 this month. Fourpointfour and Dum dum are a combination of my love for deep techno and bass. For Mind Cycles i just want make a funky techno track with a weighty bassline. You can never have too many of those.

What made you decide to launch B-haus and what’s your vision for the label moving forward?

I enjoy making music and I felt that my music is good enough to be played at the raves i go to… so i’ve put my money where my ego is and put it out there. So far we have got a lot of positive feedback. Label wise i’m not putting any restriction on music styles, as long as it dance floor focused and quality I will push it.

What’s been your biggest success or achievement so far?

My daughter. My time is not my own now but i won’t change it.

Talk to us about the music scene you’re in to in London. Where’s hot, who are the big names locally, plus how often are you playing?

London’s clubbing culture is huge. Legendary clubs like fabric are the norm here. I have really enjoyed going to Printworks, you get the big club experience plus the more intimate backroom gives a proper low ceiling small club feel. Phonox is a great club with a cool schedule too.

How difficult was it at the start to get promoters to take you seriously and break in to the circle within your scene?

It is quite hard to break into a scene, there are a lot of producers making great music at the moment and it is difficult to separate yourself from the pack. Consumers of music have such a huge choice and they are constantly being inundated with new music so it is quite easy to see how new producers can be overlooked or forgotten about.

Tell us about your DJ setup when you’re performing

At the moment im looking to sort out my live set up. Hopefully by the summer i’ll have it up and running.

What are your production goals for the future and do you have any other things in the pipeline that you want to share?

Im looking to push B-haus a lot this year with at least two more release in 2018. I have a ep coming out on stomp-house-records in the next month or so. Hopefully they will go well and we can continue to grow and expand.

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