Dan Snow | Episode 2

We’re proud to present a mix from Chicagoen Dan Snow, who’s another talent that’s firmly under the radar and brings his own unique sound to the scene, with his Classical and Jazz musical training shining brightly through his use of intricately interwoven riffs & melodies. As one half of Extended Play (with Josh Dupont) his work has featured on labels such as Bedrock, Crosstown Rebels, Mindwarp and Fade Records.

Recondite – Capable (Ricardo Donoso Clemency Version)
Dark but an emotional builder

Stephan Hinz, Clint Stewart – Fall to Earth (Original Mix)
Solid track that played off Capable with amazing changes from Minor versus to a Major Chorus.

Never Lost – Beyond the Time (Original Mix)
Synth Orchestra is huge, really make this track heavy

Fabio Florido – Touch (Original Mix)
This has a housier groove with a nice low end. Kept the mix consistent

Woo York – Odyssey (Original Mix)
Great use of constant parts that give a good rhythm into the next track.

Tale Of Us, Ovend – Red Sky (Original Mix)
Amazing progression in their use of modes in the lead synth. The delay was perfectly executed with the lead synth as well.

Dan Snow – Collide (Original Mix) [Fade Records]
Released on Fade Records was my first Techno track to ever be released and very proud of it. Wanted to provide something almost Ethereal but kept the true sound of techno

Emika – Battles (Kamikaze Space Programme)
The vocals and rhythm absolutely crush it halfway through this mix. Extremely unique, drivey, surprisingly uplifting.

Egrod Pher – Muffer (Original Mix)
Smooth and almost mellow, ambient. Harmony and Melody work very well together.

Bastian Bux, Kyla Millette – Lights Feat. Kyla Millette (Fur Coat Remix)
Very Ethereal track that is awesome for the main set. The main melody repeats and never gets old. Just sucks me in.

Amelie Lens, Farrago – Weight Of The Land (Original Mix)
The Main melody has these 80’s style synths and tribal feel. I felt this was the best for a finisher since it closes on a transient note.


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