Stefan Helmke | Episode 1

Our brand new mix series ‘C-U Presents’ shines a light on talented DJs and producers that are very much under the radar.

Our brand new mix series ‘C-U Presents’ shines a light on talented DJs and producers that are very much under the radar.

Our first episode, we feature a cool mix from Berlin based artist and former record store owner @stefanhelmke, who is part owner of vinyl imprints Blueten and ‘Nomo’, the later of which which releases its music on blue marbled vinyl, with the tracks taking inspiration from Jules Verne’s ‘20.000 leagues under the sea’. Think deep sea monsters and fear of the dark and you’ll be on the right lines.

Gimenö & Stefan Helmke -Lilium (Blueten)

This track is from the second Blueten release and I use it very often to start or finish my dj sets. Beatless start, intense synths and fx and a dubby atmosphere.

Main Void – cues003 a (Spatial Cues)

Dub Techno with a dark intense atmosphere and rawness.. a bit trippy, too.

Andre Kronert – Into the Zone (Efdenim Rmx) (Stockholm LTD)

Dark mood Efdenim interpretation with lots of power and straight forward the dancefloor. Techno.

Cop Envy – Kay (Templar Sound)

Punchy and groovy with a melancholic synth line… I also like the percussions a lot. kind of old school flavor with dreamy melody.

Redshape – Drive (Present Records)

Deep bass, percussion overdose and a bit tropical chaos… but also funky, with analog warmth and a summer vibe…

Onyvaa – Passeport 006 (Passeport)

Detroit techno track that feels warm and deep and makes you dancing. burner!

Deniro – Kairuku 4 (Oblique Music)

Layers, textures, pads and percussions… topped with a dreamy synth… love this groove

Conforce – Suspense (Propaganda Moscow)

Hypnotic and straight forward into your head. Techno

Takaaki Itoh – Norde (Atmophile Electronics)

Hypnotic techno tool… crazy groove…what a trip

Aiken – Dominance (NON Series)

Spaced out techno on the outstanding non series – one of my favorite label

Robert Hood – Shaker (ePM Music)

I play a robert hood track in almost every set, he`s a genius. listen shaker and you ll „understand me now“…

Gimenö & Stefan Helmke – Acer (Blueten)

The b side of the new blueten vinyl release by gimenö & myself. tool techno with a groovy attitude

Octual – Jupiter`s Moon (Sterac Dub Version) Just This

Another super nice tool track with dubby influences and swinging groove.

Reset Robot – Ibsen (Mobilee Records)

Great beat, percussions and synth hits

Jeff Rushin – Wondering (Arts Collective)

Metallic techno for freaking out and peak of this mix set

EQD – 006 B (Equalized)

Nice evolving melody and beat with a bit of acid in the background featuring a deep bass

Unbalance – Tunnel (Skudge Remix) (Rebalance)

Atmospheric ambient techno for this last track


What do you think?

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