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Djuma Soundsystem’s new Sol Selecta’s EP takes us on safari in South Africa

Djuma Soundsystem debuts on Sol Selectas with an EP influenced by a safari trip in South Africa, and between the dramatic synths, tribal percussion and ambient textures, he has illustrated an audio picture for all to enjoy.

Prior to the release Djuma Soundsystem has built up an extensive back catalogue with a wide variety of labels ranging from Rebirth to Crosstown Rebels, and for the EP’s two original tracks he has collaborated separately with Westerby and Western.

Despite their similar names, Westerby and Western are very different people. Westerby is a home town friend of Djuma Soundsystem based in Copenhagen, and Western lives on the other side of the world in Australia.

Here at Change Underground we have been lucky enough to get an exclusive first play of “Saguaro” which is the track made with Danish artist Westerby, and before this release the guys had previously collaborated on releases for Get Physical and Chapter 24 Records.

Using bird sounds and aboriginal chants to capture the mood of a South African safari, the upbeat percussion gives the dance floor friendly energy needed for “Saguaro” to be the club anthem it clearly is. Uplifting and tense, the building synths add an excitement of the unexpected and create a fast pace in the captivating arrangement.

Also on the release are remixes from Sobek, Fake Mood, and Kincaid who each provide a different take on one for the two original cuts, and you can pick up a copy of the release from HERE


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