#essentialelectronica tunes

Here we feature a selection of the downtempo tracks that are floating our boat.

In my reviews, I will endeavour to bring you the most essential ambient, electronica and down tempo tunes that I truly think stand out, this is about mature music for outside of the club that will really draw you in.

Xspance – Shine (Original Mix) onedotsixtwo Out 19th May

A mysterious odyssey from Xspance that leads you through many landscapes and ultimately leaves you feeling lifted.

Steve Parry – Luna (Andrea Ljekaj Remix) Selador Out 12th June

Broken beats flood the atmosphere as gorgeous chorded stabs maintain the subtle energy that drives us down a very hypnotic path. This remix somehow sounds familiar but also very fresh at the same time.

Roger Martinez pres. Horizontal Excursions – ARP Symphony (Original Mix) Armadillo Records Out June 9th

Oozing elegance from the beginning, this very calming masterpiece from Roger really tells a story and leaves you feeling quite lifted.

Russian Linesman – Lonesome Road (Original Mix) Loki Recordings Out 29th May

Not an easy first listen, but with patience comes rewards from this abstract piece of music.

Super-Flu feat Andhim – Interlude 13 (Original Mix) Monaberry Out 26th May

Such a creative and quirky way of capturing emotion but everything in this record works in strange magical ways.

Viken Arman – Souq (Bonus Track) Denature Records Out 23rd September (2016)

Enthic infused downtempo music from last year but is still holding its weight in the charts of today. An anthem like carnival atmosphere makes for fun listening.

Seaman – Feel The Sunrise (Original Mix) onedotsixtwo Out 19th May

A very pleasurable experience. From organic sounds, to electronic bliss, this tune evokes a beautiful sense of relaxation.

Monolink – Burning Sun (Just Emma’s Take Me Back Mix) Sol Selectas Out 9th June

Captivating remix from Just Emma that slowly weaves it’s way into your soul and keeps it warm.

Klatu – Gyrokite (Original Mix) onedotsixtwo out 19th May

The fractured percussion lays a perfect foundation for synthetic beauty to shine. To create a journey in such a short time is pure art.

Russian Linesman – Poa Trivialis (Original Mix) Loki Recordings Out 29th May

The sounds used in Poa Trivialis are not your typical electronica sounds, but as the track unfolds, it starts to make more and more sense and at 2:04 the listener really enters another world.


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