We catch up with self confessed pizza and turtle junkie Guy J ahead of his eagerly anticipated show in Brisbane, Australia.


Guy J, it’s a huge pleasure to be talking with you today! It’s no secret that you’re obsessed with turtles. Tell everyone why 🙂

I never knew why I wanted to have a turtle so much, but now that I have and got to learn more about turtles, I’m even more fascinated. It’s a unique creature and I’m lucky to raise 2 and hopefully give them a good life.

For those who don’t know can you give us a little about your history as a performer and a producer? When did it first start for you? What were some of the key events, songs, and people that really brought you into the scene?

Started writing music as a little child at the age of 13, started djing at the age of 15, decided to go for it at the age of 18 and went to study how to do it better. Still doing it 🙂 Was listening a lot of electronic music on the radio, to Dj’s, you had on tv clips of amazing music, trance music. All those melodies mixed with beats. Loved it and wanted to be part of it.

What was the defining moment in your career that propelled you into being a top international performer?

I think the recognition of Bedrock and support from a big guy like John Digweed, makes you believe you’re actually good in what you do.

Your next stop on your Australian tour is Brisbane. Locals like Rich Curtis have done an amazing job of building the underground progressive scene, with artists like Hernan Cattaneo saying it’s one of his favourite places to play. What do you think makes it so special?

There is great vibe in Brisbane , last visit was beautiful. I think Rich also made it like that by supporting and bringing over djs. I’m looking forward to see the people there and give them proper musical journey.

guy j flyer

With your tour schedule being so intense recently, what’s it like to live life constantly on the move? Are you managing to stay creative​?

I manage to stay creative because I’m moving, the travel inspires me along with the people I meet and the clubs I play. It is a tough mission to stay sane but for now i manage 🙂

Recently, you got the opportunity to play in Africa and we’ve starting to hear more about it as a clubbing destination. Is the scene on the verge of exploding there?

I believe so from what I heard and saw. I had great gig there and the crowd was into the music so it is looking great.

You’re receiving tonnes of promos and demos. There’s lots of up and coming producers out there who have the potential to be great some day. What is the one tip you can share on what younger producers should be focusing on when making music?

To stay original is what i always say. It is though to find your own sound today with the world we live in that everyone can create music, but keep on searching.

How can people submit their tracks to Lost & Found? What style of music are you looking for and is there a best practise people can follow when sending you material?

Well it’s best is to send a msg to my Facebook page of the label or via the Lost & Found account on soundcloud. I’m looking for good house music. No particular genre.

Do you have any advice for people trying to make a career in this business? Are there any major dos and don’ts?

Never be too excited about yourself. It’s very easy to get lost in that world and think you are a star .

What’s on the horizon for Guy J?

Guy j is writing a lot of music and has some kick ass tunes to drops in his Australia tour 🙂

Finally, we know you’re a massive pizza fan. Tell our readers where they can get the best slice? Plus let us know your favourite style of pizza?

I’m vegetarian and my fav is with Olives, like them thin, a bit burned and made with love. Pizza is art! Best one till now is Pizza Liberato located in Toronto, plus I found amazing ones in Antwerp and in india.

guy j pizza

Guy J, thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us today, and for all you’ve done for the scene.


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