Ramiro Lopez | CU Techno 18

Ramiro Lopez’s New Release Is Out Now On Suara

Ramiro Lopez has progressed at a steady pace with great success releasing music on highly relevant imprints ranging from Drumcode to Suara.

Ramiro Lopez is also label owner of Odd Recordings which is ran in collaboration with Arjun Vagale, and this mix is in the same hard-hitting style he released on the imprint.

His music is regularly supported by the likes of Carl cox, Adam Bayer and many of techno’s most influential DJ’s. With a back catalogue inclouding Octopus, Noir, Terminal M, SCI + TEC and Bedrock, we are honoured to have this exclusive mix recorded for the CU Techno podcast series.

The wheel never stops and Ramiro is constantly evolving: involved in many projects, his desire since the beginning is to make people live and enjoy what they listen to while he is working in the DJ booth.

Constantly on the road, Ramiro Lopez travels all around the world playing in cities like Sao Paulo, Beijing, Miami, Mumbai, Mexico, Berlin and Zurich.

Delighting everyone with his invigorating style full of dark atmosphere and thundering percussion we thoroughly hope you enjoy this compelling podcast.

You can buy a copy of Ramiro Lopez’s new release on Suara from HERE.


1. Samuel L Session – Bowed – Alleanza
2. Roberto Capuano – The Walker – Drumcode
3. Kaiserdisco– Figure (Petter B Remix) – KD Raw
4. The Southern – Love – Odd Rec
5. Ramiro Lopez – Nasa is Swaeting Feat. Theo Nasa – Suara
6. Michael Klein – Dirty Moan – BLK DRP
7. Frazi. er – Temptation – Odd Rec
8. Ramiro Lopez – Unwilling To change – Suara
9. ANNA – Dimensions – Drumcode
10. Robert S (PT) – Psicopata – Odd Rec
11. Ramiro Lopez – Universe– Suara
12. Charlotte De Witte – Pattern – KNTXT
13. Andres Campo – OMG – Noir Music
14. Marcal – Shutdown – JAM
15. Ramiro Lopez – Ben Ben– Suara
16. KUSP – Dominator – We Are The Brave
17. BEC – Lost In Change – Second State
18. Reform – Backspin – Etruria Beat


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