In Interview: M.F.S: Observatory

Italian duo M.F.S: Observatory seem to be an unstoppable force in recent times, throwing out releases across the board and their own imprint, Observatory Music.

Next up on their busy schedule is ‘Belly of Biased Beast’ on Smiley Fingers, club room material ready to rock.

Here is what went down when we caught up with the guys…

1: How did you guys first meet, and how did M.F.S: start?
We grow up in the same area near Naples called San Giuseppe Vesuviano, close to Vesuvio Vulcan, and became good friends. Originally M.F.S: Observatory was a trio, (MFS stands for Mattia, Francesco and Salvatore), the project now consists solely of Mattia and Francesco.

2: What is your favourite release so far? You have had many releases at this stage.
As an EP, our favourite release at the moment is ‘You can Imagine the future’ which came out on iVAV Recording (Steve Lawler’s Label). As a remix, it would have to be the one we did for Maya Jane Coles’ album ‘Weak’ on Skint Records which was a honour.

We have a lot of EP’s coming up soon, one on Smiley Fingers, Griffintow records and also we recently signed an EP in collaboration with Killed Kassette on Underground Audio and Roush Label.

3: Your latest EP on Smiley Fingers ‘Belly of Biased Beast’ is an interesting name, is there a meaning behind this?
No there is no special meaning, the vocal in some parts say the words ‘Belly of Biased Beast’ so we like it and decided to use that as the name of the track.

4:Tell us a little bit about what studio gear you used to create the EP?
For this EP we used our lovely Roland TR-8S for the drums and for the bass we used the plugin from Rob Papen called Subboom Bass as well as our Moog Minitaur.

After that, we use a variety of synth plugins for the melody part such as Arturia MiniBrute and Minilab.

For the vocal, we used some free license vocals that we sliced cut and played with the pitch and with some effects too.

5: What has been your favourite gig to date?
Our favourite gig at the moment is the one we played last June in Barcelona for My Vision Records showcase with Kevin Over, David Jack and FreedomB.

6: Can you tell us what is coming up on Observatory in the near future?
With Observatory music, a lot of new music is coming up in the next few months, we will have an EP from Pazkal and Nekum with a remix from us, Andre Salmon and Thomas Cerutti.

We just signed an EP from Lubelski, Juanito, Andre Salmon and a remix from David Jack, I can’t say anymore so stay connected with us and follow our label.

7: Last of all, three records that never leave the bag?
Our 3 records that never leave the bag are:

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