Los Cabra: What’s In Your Box

Known for their appearances on Oblack, Mother, Blind Vision and We Records, the Argentinian duo Los Cabra select their current top 10 favourites following their ‘Hayat’ EP on ZEHN Records.

1. Los Cabra – Hayat EP [ZEHN RECORDS]

This is our latest work for Tube & Berger’s new label. We got to know each other a couple of years ago when we played at the same festival in India. After that, we developed a friendship that still remains today 🙂 We are very proud to release this modern blend of house and techno and we’re also very happy to be remixed by Pezzner. We’ve been using it for a while and we’ve received great dancefloor reactions.

2. Armonica – Ngeke feat. Toshi (Original Mix)

A real hypnotic afro-house track with beautiful vocals, a perfect track when the sun is rising. The original track is our pick. Thanks so much MoBlack for putting out so many great records lately. African beats at its best.

3. Cyclist ‎– Incoming Instructions (Brioski Remix) [MANI/PEDI RECORDS]

This stand out release from Mani/Pedi Records has been in our bag for a while, it provides different shades of modern disco music but the Brioski remix has so much to offer in our DJ sets. It’s a timeless killer track.

4. Los Cabra – Nogoya EP [RURAL RECORDS]

Our latest release on our own imprint. We made this deep house EP some time ago in Buenos Aires and it still sounds so timeless! The bassline on the original mix is killer but the Dovim remix takes the groove onto another level. If you are a house-head don’t miss this one.

5. Andreas Balicki – Circles (Sascha Cawa Remix) [SERAFIN AUDIO IMPRINT]

Our good friend and Rural partner Sascha Cawa hitting #1 on the downtempo charts with this 115 bpm remix. Always sounding huge with his amazing mixing techniques. Full support.

6. Cowboy Rhythmbox – Shake [COMEME]

This track appears on a label we don’t usually use. But we found this obscure but beautiful gem and we are crazy about it. It has a techno groove with 80s influences (samples from La Batterie – Let There Be Drum, 1983) giving a unique texture for our hypnotic DJ sets. Lovely track!

7. Pezzner – We Are Not Who We Are feat. Aquarius Heaven (Pezzner Dub Vocal) [GET PHYSICAL]

Dave is a musical genius, we have been huge fans of his since the Jacob London project. This fresh track from him on Get Physical is very solid and we’ve been playing it often and has received great crowd reactions. 10/10

8. Daniele Di Martino & Sascha Cawa – Homage (Original Mix) [RURAL RECORDS]

Once again Rural Records in our box. In this case Daniele Di Martino and (again) our friend Sascha Cawa. This release has been on fire, reaching a high position in the sales charts. We especially love Homage, a melodic techno track which we will be remixing very soon. Stay tuned!

9. Dennis Ferrer & Jerome Sydenham – Sandcastles (Original Mix) [IBADAN]

Classic artists, classic label… last forever, right? This sounds so nice on a proper soundsystem, playing this tune will build an epic moment in any big room. The piano chords and strings will forever remain in your head. Major respect to this US label.

10. Los Cabra & Slow Disko – Ganga Feat RLHBSLCN (Coss Remix) [SERAFIN AUDIO IMPRINT]

Once again our track with Slow Disko (Argentinian fellow Ale Castro) featuring RLHBSLCN on the vocals. We made the top downtempo sales charts with this release on the Serafin Audio Imprint which is on fire! Perfect tune for afterhours, slow bpm for clubs or just listening at home whilst chilling.

Los Cabra ‘Hayat’ EP is out now. Purchase here.


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