Made in Paris reflects on her inspirations in music and more

Made in Paris is one of Australia’s most lauded new talents to appear in the Techno scene. The Aussie DJ and Producer speaks out on her newest release, her influences in music and her approach to running a label.

The Australian has been making her presence felt both on the shores of Australia and also abroad. Like artists such as Juliet Fox in previous years, Made in Paris has been piquing interest from Techno fans across Europe. This newly established fan base is certain to react favorably to her latest ‘Burial’ EP release, out now on Unknown Records.

Hey, thanks for speaking to us today. You’re an artist from down under whose beginning to make a name for yourself beyond the shores of Australia, could you tell us a bit about your start in music?

Although I wasn’t trained from a young age in music, I had always felt a connection with it. It wasn’t until my early teens where I fell in love with electronic music and eventually discovered the art of djing where I was drawn to more deep and darker sounds.

Last month you released your track ‘Burial’ on Unknown Records, how happy are you with the reaction to it and your other projects this summer (Winter in Aus)?

Burial was something a little left of centre for me and I’m really happy with how it turned out.. its received plays on Triple J and Rotation on Triple J Unearthed. And currently sitting at 18 on the Aria Charts. My Erratic EP was super successful, receiving huge amounts of support!


Could you tell us who your main inspirations in the scene are and why?

Maceo Plex is up there for not only great music but phenomenal DJ sets, and Stephan Bodzin for his amazing production and live shows.

As you’ve told us about your beginnings in music, could you cast your mind back to your first release, how challenging was the production of it and how much would you say you’ve progressed since that day?

My first release was more on the electro side when that was very prominent in the scene. Although it was fun to create music like that I still hadn’t discovered my sound at that point.

We very much consider yourself to be one of the future heroes in dance music. Are there any other artists you’d like to mention who you support and would recommend we listen to?

Two Australian artists that come to mind are Doppel and William Kiss

As well as a rising producer you’re also a label owner. How have your experiences been juggling label management of Upon Access and the up-keep of your own profile?

Upon Access is a great platform to not only push music from other artists but my own. Pushing quality not quantity is key 🙂


Burial Ep ft. Pantheon Remix is out now on Australian label Unknown Records: 


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